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A idiot's guide to fn2 carbs strip down needed .


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Hi all as the title says I'm in need of a good guide to stripping down 750fn2 carbs it's a 96 reg don't know if that helps . As iv looked on YT and I don't recognise any the carbs (none look like mine I don't think there special just wrong years I think ) I not after stripping right down to bare bones just to split them in to 4 individual ones so I can clean the outside . As they are running OK (when I parked it up ) as iv tried to clean them as a set and it taken me all afternoon to just do one end as the crap that's covered the carbs does not want to come off . I'm guessing they never been cleaned ( outside that is ) .
So any help will be greatly appreciated thanks
I don't have the total answer for you, but I have been in your situation and you deserve a reply. First of all I am not a mechanic, I am a retired fitter and turner who just likes to have a go. I will enclose a link to the workshop manual.
https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf5/1.../cb750f2.pdf?a12739424d36f942b2a797c84cf30c4cMaybe you just need to take the carbs out as a whole bunch of four to clean them on the outside more thoroughly. Just take your time, don't be rushed and find a place to work that is well lit and plenty of space to put small things in their correct order. Take PLENTY of digital photos along the way. You may disturb the rubber seals on the fuel joints though so be prepared!
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Carb Kits. You can see the O rings that are the fuel joint seals between the carbs ----- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/145364175535?epid=2109576309&hash=item21d8614aaf:ggkAAOSwQa1lKVrV&amdata=enc:AQAIAAAA0AKWC55IWiMXbaRZoqiym7VENWv64mWiti5cACSrQTeMt/g6KqzQMrK8aR3aFRmsF6jJsji2Bt1z7TURNzkt6+bUYTJF0vbt9919ZkXTJJ/2w+F/OJFokx02E/8PX3EPdya1/62oqpOuDUdPfxZT3RWFFZver3g/+6nOFN7nabqoDGbq3ml4kA5du3RSx3Bzr9mWIw6f9NLL3J+MyYesM+nQqDEbmDKKaiM1DwjP51GUipS1JR8c9Wk62fm9TC2Bj+4/9hJFTZJ9KcPI9lOfMvI=|tkp:Bk9SR4qkuKusYw


My carb clean up I did a while ago.

Take your time and remember that original rubber and plastics flex easier when warm.
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Hi there a big THANKS for the reply .I found one vid an it's one of the ones you posted so cheers I will I will be doing the carbs in the house where its warm the mrs might get annoyed lol that's what dinning table are for . Iv been looking at buying new rubber seals so when I start if I damage or just might swap them anyway .

What did you use to clean the outside of the carbs . Iv tried WD40 I just emptied a small tin in to a large tin dish and a small paint brush to rub the wd40 in to the oil an crap that stuck to the carbs it's taking some the crap off but it's taken hrs to do .
I got some isopropyl alcohol can I use this stuff . Its got a nice smell to it lol.
Honestly, I don't remember what I used to clean them. WD40 would have been involved somewhere, and kerosene that you can see in the picture. But as you can see I replaced the float bowl seals amongst other things as well, so handling parts as you dismantle, and wiping parts with a clean cloth tends to clean things anyway. If the seals and o-rings on your carbs are the originals they may be a bit brittle, so easy with the brush in the nooks and crannies. Spares for these bikes though are readily available, in my experience!
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IMHO, if taking all the effort to remove NH750 carbs for just an outside surface cleaning, I would strongly suggest a total cleaning and rebuild of the carbs. Particularly, if their inside overall condition is suspect. Pay VERY careful attention to EVERYTHING and purchase ALL necessary rebuild parts, and do extensive documentation with cell phone, and used the factory manual! Remember, once you have done one carb the other three are the same. Use egg cartons to keep all the parts organized and be thorough and patient! Remember, keep EVERYTHING super clean. Plenty of YT videos on refreshing Honda MC carbs. Good luck.
Hi there yes it's was just a outside clean I planed on doing but my bro in law said might as well do what you said in said aswell . In not had chance the last cupl weeks( health issues) once I feel up to it I'll.start.again .
Cheers alln