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'82 CB 750C Silly mistake - shorted and blew main fuse, now won't start


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Portland, OR
I was getting my 1982 CB750C all buttoned up after getting some light maintenance done for the riding season, and I made a stupid mistake: when plugging in my 2-prong flasher relay back into its location, I plugged in the green (ground) wire instead of the grey signal cable.

Heard a click when I went to turn on, and power shut off completely.

Battery fully charged. Checked fuses, then forgot about main 30amp fuse over by the starter solenoid, and it busted.

Couldn't find an older, ANL style fuse readily available in my area, so I modded up a modern fuse holder and slapped a fresh 30amp fuse from the Auto Parts store.

Now the instrument cluster, headlight and brake lights all turn on, but my turn signals won't and pressing the ignition button does nothing.

I'm already looking at Vintage750.com and found Part #: 73-0824 (Starter Solenoid Relay) with modern fuse built in (also found similar on Amazon), because the current starter solenoid was very beaten up looking after I took it out to inspect. Would this have blown as well?

Am I also in the territory of a new Regulator/Rectifier? Since I can't start the bike, I can't test the charging system, unless there's a different method.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!