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750c and 900c Project

If there is no other damage to the cylinder head I would estimate a "Good" machine shop should have it fixed in 2 hours. Not a hard job for someone that knows what they are doing. The heli coiled holes will be stronger than the original threaded holes.
So I bought a 1982 CB900F Super Sport in boxes and was planing on building it as a project to replace my 1981 CB750F Super Sport but as it turns out I like the 750 better so the 900 is for sale.
The previous 900 owner started the project over 10 years ago and powder coated the frame, rebuilt the top end, and ordered a bunch of small parts. Then just stoped.
So as I said I was planning on keeping the bike so I spared no expense on my end and nothing was left un touched or inspected and I replaced too much to list as you can see from the pictures.
Some of the note worthy things I did CR special carbs, complete new brake system, 4 into 1 exhaust, new front and rear suspension component’s, new ignition system with iridium plugs, all valves set between .004 and .006, new Dunlops, paint and seat, the list goes on and on.

I don't like to see these bikes chopped up but thats just me. The 900 just does not handle or have the same feel of the 750. I think there are a couple of reasons, suspension, I have Ohlins on the rear and had my suspension guy set up the forks on the 750 so that was close to $1800. And although the bikes are close in weight the 900 handling just feels heavy and I think a big part of that is tire size the 900's tires are just a bit bigger and heavier. Guess I could go the same route with the 900's suspension but if I still like the 750 better I will never be able to get what I would have in the 900.
My advise is do what you think is best for you and enjoy the project, don't worry about too much about others.


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