630 oring chain lube

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Hello 750 sohc fans I am hoping everyone checks this out. I just installed chain and sprockets on my 78 Honda cb750k model and noticed what a mess the 80 weight gear oil makes on rear wheel, but was glad that the oil penetrated into the chain and left a film of oil on sprockets. Someone had told me how hard they had cleaning the rear rim. So as I was looking for info on this matter a product called Lucas Chain and sprocket lube was in the oil section of Walmart. So I wiped the chain and sprockets down to bare metal and put the bike on the center stand and applied it like the instructions said. I goes on well and does not make a mess on the rear rim or tire. But this being a spray can of chain lube you have to apply it, for my way of riding about every 150 miles of about 65 and 75 highway speeds. Others may cruise around at lower speeds. Some other products have what is called a lube in a wax form I have not tried it yet, still have plenty of Lucas. I like the spray can lube because you can cover a lot of area. After applying the spray you let it soak for 20 minutes or so before riding. And it being spray it really soaks the chain down good!