1975 Fuel Tank Paint Layout Dimensions

Ray Clausen 75

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San Antonio, Texas
My first attempt to ask this didn't seem to post. I'm preparing for a major restoration on a 1975 CB 750 and wonder if there is anywhere in internetland that might have specific dimensions and measurements for painting the fuel tank markings. The black fields around the HONDA tank badge, specifically. This field is outlined with a gold decal. I want to accurately place that black field on each side of the tank. I don't currently have access to a local (San Antonio) 75 to take measurements, but will keep looking. I was just thinking someone may have posted that information somewhere for reference. And, does anyone know the paint code for the black field?

Also, my airbox is kind of rough and weathered. Any tips for rejuvenating it out there? I do car and aircraft restorations, so I'll possibly understand whatever you suggest. Haven't found any repop airboxes, and most of the eBay type items are rougher than mine.

Thanks in advance!