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    Alternator wiring.

    I’m doing a complete rewire of my 1978 cb750 and I just wanted a little confirmation on wiring my alternator. I ran the three yellow wires to my reg/rec but the are two other wires a green and white. am I correct in that they are for the field coil and need to be wired to a switched positive and...
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    Charging Problem: Replaced Rotor and Stator - same issue.

    I have a charging issue on my 1981 Honda cb750. It is very strange because when the bike was sold to me, there was an issue with the battery charging. Then we scrubbed down some of the ground terminals and it seemed to work well. Over 6 months my friend and I rebuilt the whole bike and after the...
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    Wiring for brushes

    I am replacing my stator and made the mistake of not making a diagram of the wires going to the brushes. Is there anything out there showing the connection of the black / white wire to the A & B brushes? Does it make a difference?
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    1974 CB750 First Bike, First Problems

    I just bought my first bike. It's a 1974 CB750 with 4200 miles. I have a few wiring problems so far. I can't get my running tailight and running turn signals to work. I'm getting no power to the wires (I've only traced it back about 2/3 feet) The brake light works. And My left blinker...