1. T

    Worn Camshaft Drive Questions on Repair

    I have a 1978 Honda CB750K. When I was idling the bike, the camshaft drive chain sounded like it was loose and hitting something. The Cam chain tensioner had already been completely tightened and the sound persisted. I pulled the engine and took a look at the Cam drive to find that that the...
  2. F

    1980 Honda CB750F Cafe build

    Hey, a little late into my build but figured I'd post pictures to date for everyone's viewing pleasure and maybe get some feedback that helps me along the way (btw, thanks to everyone who's helped thus far!). Quick summary: purchased two 1980 Honda CB750Fs back in October, both were in pretty...
  3. S

    Oil leaking from cover next to the oil pan.

    Hello Everyone, I have owned my 78 CB750 for a few years now and have constantly been chasing down an oil leak. I think I have narrowed it down to the circular cover that is appears to be held in place by an extrude from the oil pan (I attached an image for clarification). I was wondering if...
  4. B

    Not getting cross hatching when cylinder honing

    Hi guys, I just tried to hone my cylinders but I wasn't getting 45 degree cross hatching so I stopped. It looks flatter, closer to 120 degrees. Why is that? Am I not moving the hone in and out fast enough? Or is the drill spinning too fast? Before...
  5. B

    What is an alternator carbon brush?

    Hi all, I removed the alternator cover to polish it and "brush B" seems to have snapped off. What does it do? It seems like a switch or a button but I'm not sure. Is it sufficient to super glue it back on or do I need to replace it? Thanks.
  6. B

    How do these bearings look

    This is my first go at an engine rebuild and Im torn on if I should replace both rod and main bearings. Engine had 36k miles with low compression on all cylinders. I believe these are the original bearings as they still have their green and brown markings on them and I haven't seen too much to...
  7. L

    posting pics of my restoration

    looking for help posting my pics, any advice on file types, file size limits, ........ tried before without any success. just need some help to get me pointed in the right direction, thanks:cool:
  8. K2750tracy

    Face Book Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt Group

    To anyone interested, I have created the Facebook Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt Group. I've had a lot of fun doing this on 2 other forums that I decided to take it worldwide. I would like to see some members here participate. Thank you Jamie
  9. J

    Help with a 1977 honda cb750 build!!!!!

    I currently have purchased a 1977 honda cb750 and im quite a rookie when it comes to building/restoring these types of machines. I just wondered whether someone would be able to tell me what this part is??? looks like its missing something?? Its located just beneath the battery housing unit and...
  10. C

    First ride 2019

    The weather i n the NE has been crappy all spring. Finally today was pretty nice. Washed a blew dry the scoot and then put on some wax. Looks ok to me. Put on about 30 miles and she runs like a champ. Not a problem 1. Always has been a very strong runner. Just some pics for all to take a peak...
  11. E

    1976 CB750, Interesting Conundrums

    All, Let me introduce myself. I am Evan. I just bought a 1976 CB750 for $550. There are some problems. I believe the kid I bought it from didn't really know what he was doing when he was trying to figure out why it died on him..... things I found out today: No fuse box - Unless i'm looking in...
  12. I

    Indiana Daves 78 CB750K rejuvenation

    Intro... Picked this up just before Thanksgiving weekend. 78 CB750K. 14k miles. Been sitting in, and next to a barn for 25 years, or more. Goal is to get it back on the road as a reliable rider, and enjoy as an original survivor. Maybe put some flat bars, and give it a more muscle bike look...
  13. MotersickleBum

    Craigslist 1981 CB750 for $250

    ok, i just bought a black 81 cb750 today off of craigslist for $250.00. it's got 4007 miles on the odometer. i couldn't go wrong. it does not currently run though but the guy gave me a brand new battery and repair manual and sundry parts. here's a pic as it was on craigslist. it's now on...
  14. Veloandy

    Veloandy's 1977 CB750F

    Hey Everyone, Thought I'd post the story of my 1977 CB750F. All my moto-buddies have newer bikes, and all of my gearhead buddies are into 4-wheeled vehicles, so I'm hoping this forum will be a nice way to keep track of what I've done and maybe get some emotional support! I bought my bike...
  15. N

    '78 750K carb rebuild issues

    So I bought my first motorcycle almost 2 years ago. Needed a bit of work as the previous owner had it torn apart. After finding that the sell did not come with matching carburetors for the engine I hunted down what I believe is the correct set. They need rebuilt and while I'm pretty comfortable...
  16. H

    Honda 750 bikes and parts

    Hello everybody. My father-in-law and i are selling pretty much all of our Honda 750 parts bikes and other miscellaneous Honda bike parts. I wanted to post this here first to give true Honda 750 enthusiasts a crack at all of it first; before i post it locally. We have pink slips for most of the...
  17. P

    Engine reassembly question "1,4T"

    So I'm currently in the process of putting my engine back together after completely resealing it and I've hit a wall. I'm just about ready to put my cams back in but while reading the manual I cam across it telling me this . What exactly is the "1,4T" mark/position? Does this mean that cylinders...
  18. I

    How to properly wire an engine start / stop switch to a 1976 Honda CB750F ?

    Good evening, I've been working on wiring up my CB750F for like forever and was wondering if I had wired up the engine start / stop switch properly. Presently, if I have the key out of the ignition and and press the start button on the start / stop switch the engine doesn't start. However if I...
  19. I

    my make-run project before the end of the century

    Hello, snapped a few photos of my motorcycle this evening in preparation to hopefully do some work to the bike within the next couple of days. I mostly want to finish wiring the bike up.
  20. M

    Valve and seat issues

    Hello all, I am new here - I have come across a problem in the rebuilding process of a DOHC CB750 and I don't know where else to go! A little background about the bike: 1979 CB750K DOHC engine fit into a SOHC frame, mileage is unknown, started to make cam noises (spinning noises) so removed...
  21. Dave

    BMW's new "Hoverbike"

    Ok, it isn't actually ride-able but it is a real (touched up) photo and cool story.
  22. T

    Trying To Find This Part

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the site. Well after weeks of searching the internet and calling various shops. I have yet to find the part I need. I recently rebuilt the carbs on my bike. During the tear down process I noticed that a part was missing. This is the first time I have torn into them...
  23. 6

    Daryl's bike is almost done!

    Hello all.. just about wrapped up with Daryl's bike off the Walking dead.. was fairly quick build.. have a whole new respect for people that do this regularly! Been bitten by the fabricating bug, picked up a '54 Harley Servicar that is going to be a similar build as the walking dead bike and a...
  24. W

    79 CB 750k cafe race to spring build

    First bike, first post. Let’s do this. But let me start by saying, sorry if I get a bit long-winded. As Mark Twain once said, “I would’ve written a shorter letter if I had more time.” Bought this bike about 10 months ago and have spent that time stopping leaks, stripping off the bullshit, pod...
  25. Dave

    BMW’s futuristic self-balancing motorcycle

  26. J

    1974 Honda cb750 purchase question

    Hey folks, been looking a 1974 CB750 online the last couple weeks and have a few opinions I'd like to get before I make a purhcase. The was originally purchased in the US and has 31,000 it's currently located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The gentlemen who has it forsale uses it as a daily driver...
  27. D

    Jet Needle & Needle Jet HELP

    I'm rebuilding my carbs on a '74 cb750K and the throttle slide only sits halfway down the body (shown in pictures). It seems to me that the actual needle is too big for the jet, because there are no hangups in the body that I can see that are preventing the slide from moving down. I've been...
  28. carwash

    CB750K vs. KZ550

    So here's my current situation. My current ride is an '80 Kawasaki KZ550. Wonderful bike. I'm in Brooklyn, I've got a great mechanic who has this bike running great. It's light, it's fast, it's super torquey. These bikes have a fairly steep rake angle, it corners and handles beautifully. In...
  29. D

    White Wall Tires

    Hey all! I'm about to finish my 1981 CB750c cafe racer. I'm really drawn to white-wall tires (Shinko 777 to be specific) and am heavily considering adding them. I just want your opinions on the white walls. Any of you use them? If so, post a pic and share with us! I have a million different...
  30. hereford

    one of my projects amen saviour with honda four

    I am new to this so hope it works. Have another K4 which is mildly cafe racer but needs to be cleaned up and repainted etc. But this is my dream which I picked up for a song recently. The frame is complete with correct tank and I have a choice of K1 and k4 motor to use. Will take some time...