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  1. S


    Anyone have experience with Yamiya body sets? Thinking about buying tank/side covers. Sent some inquiries about fit and finish replies from Japan not very clear. Are they and exact fit not requiring any modifications to fuel valve, side cover grommets, etc?
  2. C

    1980 CB 750C

    I have a 1980 CB750C (Custom) and am trying to find what colours were available for that model year. I have one that says "Candy Muse Red" was one of the colours for that year. Were there any others? Thanks
  3. Luis Etchenique

    '79 CB750F Super Sport / Engine Finish

    The engine of my restoration functions well, and all it needs is to recover its original shine. This is the silver-painted version, but I'm not interested in re-painting; can I soda-blast the engine as a unit ? ( engine has been removed from frame ). All openings ( exhausts, carbs, etc ) have...
  4. J

    Flake Sunrise Orange

    Has anyone bought a painted tank from Yamiya / Japan? I had one come today for CB750 K4 Flake Sunrise Orange. It's a reproduction tank. The quality and finish is amazing. On par with factory part. My question is that the metallic flakes seems quite large. This thing screams "Disco". I've never...
  5. K

    1978 CB750 Factory Paint Colors

    Hi new to this forum Can anyone tell me the name of the paint colors and codes for my 1978 CB750K, and also does anyone have a picture of the correct emblems on the side covers for this year ? Cheers KiwiTim
  6. Bloody Mary

    79 LTD Paint Color

    Need a small amount of touch-up paint for the top portion of the tank. Believe one of the colors is R-104C-U Candy muse red, however, I think this is the lighter red color. Can't seem to find code or color for the darker tank top. Appreciate any help. Tanks!
  7. M

    pinstripe removal

    Hello, new member here recently purchased 1976 cb750. The previous owner carelessly used a pressure washer on the tank and damaged the pinstriping. My question is has anyone successfully removed the pinstriping without damaging the paint? My thought was a 3m decal erasure. thanks in advance
  8. MagicMoose

    best way to prep carburetors before painting?

    Hi, I just removed my carburetors and plan to spray paint them with etch primer, nason urethane primer, then nason ful-base-IR basecoat, then clear coat. Best way to clean the gunk off of them? Not sure if I should use methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), the Klean Strip MEK substitute I can get at my...
  9. E

    How do I know what the original color my 74 CB750 was Painted ?

    Trying to determine what color my 750 "should be" , Ie: what the factory color was. Or does it matter , to the value , anyway. Should I pick a color I like and go with it. It's a 1974 model, and is currently Blue with the black tank accents. I'm assuming it's factory, but other sites experts say...
  10. MagicMoose

    How do I buff a urethane clear coat?

    I just sprayed a Nason urethane clear coat with an HVLP gun on some parts of my bike that I'm painting. The manufacturer directions say to buff it by sanding with 1500 grit, then polish. http://www.axaltacs.com/content/dam/NA/HQ/Public/Nason/Documents/TDS/NSN-TDS-496-00-Eng.pdf Problem is...
  11. R

    What color black for frame repaint

    I am restoring a 1974K4 and want to touch up the frame and some instruments brackets. I have checked the forum and cannot find which black paint is the best match for the original black honda used in the 70's? Tks
  12. Dave

    (How to) Repair Cracked Side Covers

    Just sharing.... Awhile back I read a comment about fixing cracked side covers with JB Weld. Well, it works great. I actually used some industrial lock weld but I think they are all about the same, just different brand names. 2 part compounds that are meant to get hard enough to drill and tap...
  13. D

    Where can I get the flat silver paint

    for the mufflers/exhaust? You guys should know what I'm talking about. Honda used it to paint the bottom parts of the exhaust and around mounting points. I've seen black exhaust paint but never silver. I'm thinking about buying a brand new set of muffler/exhaust system for my CB750. Anyone want...
  14. CocZamudio

    1977 CB750F Horn Emblem correct paint?

    I found a nice 1977 CB750F "Emblem, Horn", Honda part number 38111-410-000, on eBay. About 50% of the original paint finish has flaked off the chrome under-layer but the emblem itself is good. Because of a change in plans I'm not going to use the horn emblem so I'd like to restore it and put it...
  15. CocZamudio

    1977 CB750F Horn Emblem correct paint?

    I found a nice 1977 CB750F "Emblem, Horn", Honda part number 38111-410-000, on eBay. About 50% of the original paint finish has flaked off the chrome under-layer but the emblem itself is good. Because of a change in plans I'm not going to use the horn emblem so I'd like to restore it and put it...
  16. F

    clear coat on aluminum

    Does anyone know if honda used a clear finish on there polished aluminum parts ? if so what ?
  17. A

    What Colour Is My Tank?

    Hi, I have just bought a 1982 CB750F which was a non runner. I've just got it running so now want to get the cosmetics fixed. It came with a spare blue fuel tank with original paint, so I'd like to spray the side panels, fender and tail to match the tank. Does anybody know the name of the...
  18. W

    Stripping and repainting my engine

    Hello all, complete newbie here. Last summer my uncle was gracious enough to give me his 1980 CB750f. I am in the early stages (tear-down) of cafeing it out and the thing that is stressing me out the most is having to strip and repaint the block. As it sits it has some really nasty chipping...
  19. 8

    What do you use?

    Just wondering what everyone uses for engine paint, I have a 79 cb750f and want to repaint my engine as close to origional as possible. Thanks for any help.
  20. C

    Challenge with rebuilding a 1976 750 Supersport

    I am almost complete done with my rebuilding of a 1976 Cb 750 Super Sport. Last time it was licensed was 1990. Stored in a damp basement until I rescued it in 2015. I only have body parts to finish and a little electrical work. The original seat was covered in cat claw holes and the seat...
  21. 7

    To Crack Open the Engine Case or Not??

    Hi All! Newbie to the moto world and first time poster.. I own an '81 cm200t and a '74 cb750K. I want to learn as much as I can and I'm definitely not opposed to jumping in there and getting my hands dirty. I'm currently working on the 750. Everything has been disassembled, frame has been...
  22. R

    1977 CB750F Gas Tank Emblems

    During the process of building my cafe bike, the LH tank emblem fell off, and over time, I lost it. I'm having a helluva time finding a replacement that costs less than $100 for just the one emblem anywhere online. Does anyone know if anything other than the OEM Super Sport badges will fit...
  23. O

    Color Code ?

    Where can i find the original Color Code on my 78 750 Hondamatic ?
  24. Daren

    powder coated nipples and spokes.

    Hello everyone, I was looking into getting some rims, spokes, and nipples powder coated and my local shop told me they would not recommend powder coating the nipples because they may chip when torqued up. Can anyone give advice? thanks
  25. Greyhound

    One month of ownership- progress pics

    1978 CB750F As I bought it: After: Broomstick handlebar New grips Removed tail/trunk/rear fender New tail lights Lowered instrument cluster Lowered headlight/new bracket New front turn signals Removed rear view mirrors. replaced with bar end mirror Wrapped exhaust Painted tank, left...
  26. C

    Tank Decal

    I want a honda logo on my gas tank. Should I go the paint or decal route? This is the look I am trying to achieve. /Users/claytonsherwood/Desktop/6b1b2078d80c228cc74554101c269a46.jpg
  27. TZChris

    Can I powder coat my cylinders?

    I am tearing down my new 79 CB750, going for a cafe style rebuild. I would like to powder coat the entire engine (I have a buddy with shop who will give me a deal) Will I have any issues powder coating the cyls? Someone told me they may warp when curing the powder? (400 deg oven) Thanks, Chris
  28. J

    How to achieve this clear coat finish?

    1) Any suggestions on how to achieve this finish? Would you describe it as Satin? Or Flat? I think its one of the nicest pant jobs I've seen. 2) Suggestions on how to achieve this on the cheap? Any help is appreciated :)
  29. J

    1976 cb750f side cover color

    I have a couple of extra side covers that I am going to restore. I have checked all my links and can't find a color code or best match for the grey they are painted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  30. M

    Does this color look correct ?

    So I bought this 75 CB750 online, not having actually seen it in person. Finally got it home to my garage last night. I knew it had been repainted, but in the photos I saw it looked accurate. In person, I can't remember ever seeing a candy Honda color with such large sparkly metal flake...