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    Friction material came off of friction plates inside the clutch

    Clutch was slipping yadda yadda, i bought new plates all 14(?) of them, excluding the double plate for my '78. While i'm inspecting the old friction plates i notice that the material is nearly gone on some of the friction plates. I had also noticed the oil light coming on while the motor is...
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    Super noob over here!

    I just bought a 78 that doesn’t run. All the electric stuff up front has been pulled off and disconnected. There’s no cover for the battery box. So in the spirit of trying to see what’s wrong, I slapped in a new battery, plug in (where I hope to be) the fuel line to the carbs, and using that old...
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    Oil leaking from cover next to the oil pan.

    Hello Everyone, I have owned my 78 CB750 for a few years now and have constantly been chasing down an oil leak. I think I have narrowed it down to the circular cover that is appears to be held in place by an extrude from the oil pan (I attached an image for clarification). I was wondering if...
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    Lockhart Oil Cooler

    Currently looking for a Lockhart Oil Cooler with adapter for a 1976 CB750F. Please let me know if you have one to sell.
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    oil resevoir

    So I have a 1975 750f is it possible and ok to be rid of the oil res to get a more clean look in the frame?. This is going to be my first cafe project and the one I will keep for a very long time so any help or words of wisdom are much appreciated thanks again in advance