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    Friction material came off of friction plates inside the clutch

    Clutch was slipping yadda yadda, i bought new plates all 14(?) of them, excluding the double plate for my '78. While i'm inspecting the old friction plates i notice that the material is nearly gone on some of the friction plates. I had also noticed the oil light coming on while the motor is...
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    1980 CB750F Oil light On/High and Erratic Idle

    Hey Guys looking at for some insight on some issues that I am having with the bike I just bought. So I bought the bike running took it for a spin upon purchasing it runs great the idle does sit high at 2,000 RPM when warm. The bike does not idle when cold, the bike starts right up though but I...
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    Super noob over here!

    I just bought a 78 that doesn’t run. All the electric stuff up front has been pulled off and disconnected. There’s no cover for the battery box. So in the spirit of trying to see what’s wrong, I slapped in a new battery, plug in (where I hope to be) the fuel line to the carbs, and using that old...
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    Noisy Primary Chain

    I have a 1981 Honda CB750F. When starting the engine, there is a knocking sound coming from the center of the engine - in the area near the starter motor mounting bolts. On inspection, it appears that the Primary Gear Chain Tensioner is worn. I could not find a new tensioner and the part is no...