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    Engine swaps for Honda CB 750 SC

    Hi, New to the forum. I would really appreciate your help with this. I bought a 1982 Honda CB 750 SC. Unfortunately the engine is bad so I have to replace it. What years/models can I use? Thank you in advance, Paulie
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    Front end misaligned

    Having a nightmare of a time trying to get my front tire, triple tree, and handle bars aligned. I have a 1993 nighthawk, and the fork seals were leaking so I took the forks out, replaced the seals, and then tried to put them back in but then nothing was aligned. The front wheel was way off to...
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    1996 750 Nighthawk exhaust upgrade

    Good day! I have a great bike with low miles, but I'm looking at exhaust upgrades for the bike when I need them. Can someone advise on some aftermarket options for factory exhaust? Slip-ons or 4 into 1 full exhaust is an option Thanks in advance.
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    Fuel level sensor

    I have a beautiful 1982 CB 750 SCA Nighthawk. Need the fuel level sensor for the tank (fuel gauge device). Any sources for it? Also the Nighthawk emblems off the side covers. Please help! It’s a true time capsule found in a storage locker, wanna do it right. Needs the proper color to be correct too
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    Fuel level guage

    I am the owner of a 1995 nighthawk cb750 that I am in the process of turning into a cafe. I have been looking for an option to implement some sort of fuel guage. I can't seem to find a gas cap with a mechanical float but was curious to see if any others have implanted a fuel guage on their CB...
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    Differences between cb750 199(1-3) and cb750 nighthawk same years

    I am looking to buy a cb 750 and i have done some research but i cant find anywhere the differences between these two models, apart from the fact that the later was desinged in America. But what are the differences; are they cosmetic or are they mechanical
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    New to me 1984 Nighthawk.

    Hey guys, I am a Mortorcycle newbie that just bought my first Honda. I picked up my 1984 CB-750 Nighthawk on a Buy & Sell site for $200. I was told that is was running before the previous owner knocked it over with his pickup (minor damage, Clutch lever and signal lights broken, & carburetors...
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    caught in the rain. engine took in water help!?

    I was just at the rec center playing baseball with some buddy's when a strong but short storm passed. I had rode my bike there and when the rain came I assumed it would be alright getting a little wet, but by the time I was ready to leave the bike startedd acting up. It started for a second...
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    Just got my 1st bike-CB750sc nighthawk, need advice on fixing

    OK, so here goes, I bought a 1982 cb750sc nighthawk a few months ago, and have now gotten to working on it. The garage I bought it from had the bike running with starter fluid before I bought it and said it was sitting for about 3 years, so the carbs were plugged. I bought a carb kit off of...