1. loxley007

    GSXR front end swap - steering stop solution

    Hi all, In case this is going to be useful for anybody I wanted to post my fairly low cost solution to replacing the steering stops on a GSXR 750, 2007 front end swap on a 1979 CB750 DOHC. Having already bought and fitted the Cognito Moto stem the main problem was that the CB and GSXR steering...
  2. P

    Resto- Mod '81 CB750C

    Hello folks, new to forums and new to CB's! I am starting to work on this project and have some questions: Looking for an offset front sprocket? What are you doing for a carb support when you remove the air box? Here is what I have going on now: '99 GSXR front end, Cognito Stem conversion...
  3. aceshadow

    1978 750 - GSXR Fork Swap Geometry Compensation

    Hello all! Some background (skip for question): I am new to this forum and bikes in general, and I'm working on my first bike project! I've ridden a couple other bikes in the past but really enjoyed the way the 750sohc rides and sounds so I decided to build one. I have been wanting to do a...