1. M

    1978 CB750A tank petcock questions

    Hello all, glad to be a part of this group. I do apologize if this has been covered before. I picked up this beauty with only 3062 original miles. Obviously been sitting. Issue I am inquiring about is I am in the tank cleaning stage. This is a single tube petcock screw on design. When I removed...
  2. MagFlux

    Question About '78 CB750K Fuel Tank

    Hey all, Been searching for a while and I simply can't find any documentation or labeling about something I'm looking to identify on my fuel tank and was hoping you all could help me out. Long story short, I recently bought a '75 CB750F which has a '78 CB750K fuel tank mated to it. Everything...
  3. M

    Bobber Tank Set up

    I am currently trying to figure out a tank set up for a custom 750 bobber project. I like the idea of the TCBROS king sportster or Frisco style tanks. I would like to see some examples and basic information on how it was done. For example (mounting, fuel delivery, issues with the brand, custom...
  4. T

    '92 Nighthawk Cafe Racer build / Fuel tank compatibility questions

    I just bought a '92 CB 750 Nighthawk, intending to turn it into a café racer after deciding not to modify my grandfather's '85 BMW, and I've got a few questions: The main two things I'd like to do right away are swap the gas tank, as the original one is dented and repainted poorly, and I'm not...
  5. J

    What is in my gas tank?

    Just as the title says. At first I thought it was all rust. Seeing as I had gas seeping out the bottom of both bottom "lips" from what turned out to be pinholes when I stripped it to metal. So, I let the tank soak in Metal Rescue a few days rotating as I went. The MR came out looking okay with a...
  6. C

    Fuel Petcock/ starting issue

    Hi, so I've been working on my 72 CB750 for a few weeks now. Cleaned the carbs and tried to start her up. The starter worked but it did not fire up. It seemed like it wasn't getting gas. I took the Petcock off and cleaned it all out and still nothing. When there is gas in the tank and the...
  7. F

    1978 cb750 four k carbs.

    hello all, I have rebuilt my carbs on my 78 cb750. the bike is back together and it runs. At first it had no power. then I adjusted the 4 carb screws till it seemed to have power. Rode it up and down the block a few times and all seemed fine. today, 2 months later i started the bike up. It...
  8. M

    Can't Get My Bike To Turn Over

    I have a 1981 CB750K. It's the first bike I've owned and worked on. I have done plenty of work on cars and worked at an auto parts store for a few years. I bought it a couple weeks ago and have been doing all the little maintenance since then. I changed the plugs and battery, and did a lot of...
  9. C

    Leaking fuel with bike off

    My bike is stored at a friends house and apparently is leaking fuel from a 6 to 8 inch fuel line by carb1. The bike runs fine any solution to quickly stop the leaking or anyone know what that line would be.
  10. J

    Carb test

    Hi, new to the site and hoping for some help with this many year project. Bought this '72 750 a few years back and have been fooling around with it for a bit having bought in 8 boxes with the engine torn down. Put that back together and now I am trying to determine if I have a "runner" or not...