fuel line

  1. W

    Difficulties finding carburetor fuel inlet

    Hello, I recently bought a 1977 cb750 k7, however, the fuel lines weren't connected. It looks like the carburetors have two inlets on top, but I can't find which one connects to the fuel tank or if both have to be connected. Could anyone point out what each inlet is used for?
  2. MagFlux

    Question About '78 CB750K Fuel Tank

    Hey all, Been searching for a while and I simply can't find any documentation or labeling about something I'm looking to identify on my fuel tank and was hoping you all could help me out. Long story short, I recently bought a '75 CB750F which has a '78 CB750K fuel tank mated to it. Everything...
  3. M

    Tank to Carb Question

    79 CB750F. There is a little white plastic (looks like an inline filter) from the vacuum fuel tank cutout switch to the carbs inlet port. It has a directional arrow impressed on it for flow, but it doesn't look like it is doing anything. I blew air through it in both directions. If it is a check...