1. P

    Possible upgrades from newer bikes

    Hi all I've just finished bringing a '75 K back to life due in no small part to posts on this forum, thank you for that. A few years ago I bought 3 bikes, a '75 K, a '77 F, and a '78 F. I'm now selling the 77 and 78 Fs but wanted to ask: Would there be any advantage to swapping out any parts...
  2. I

    SOLVED: Help Identifying the correct forks/ fork seals

    I ordered fork seals from based on my bike's year/model but they're the wrong seals, for sure. I've submitted photos of my fork's internals in hopes that someone can help me ID them so I can get the correct fork seals. My bike is a '73 CB500 K2
  3. aceshadow

    1978 750 - GSXR Fork Swap Geometry Compensation

    Hello all! Some background (skip for question): I am new to this forum and bikes in general, and I'm working on my first bike project! I've ridden a couple other bikes in the past but really enjoyed the way the 750sohc rides and sounds so I decided to build one. I have been wanting to do a...
  4. mrbigelow

    Forks Dropping

    Hello all! Question about a CB I picked up recently. The previous owner installed new forks and lowered the with Cycle X springs and a 3 inch spacer. They're pretty low already at the resting stance (without me on the bike), but when I hop on the bike and put some weight on the bars, the front...
  5. J

    Fork swap

    Hey, brand new to the cb crew I want to covert into a cafe racer type and want to swap out he fork and maybe lift the suspension and play around with it. I don't know where to start any suggestions ?
  6. A

    Fork Swap

    I am finishing up a 1982 CB750SC Nighthawk and have been trying to figure out what to do with the front forks for awhile now. I don't like the 37mm air assisted forks on the Nighthawk for a few reasons but mostly I am trying to find an aesthetically pleasing way to lower the front forks to match...
  7. A

    Looking for Fork Seal Snap RIng

    Does anyone know where to find new fork seal retaining rings for DOHC. I have a 1982 cb750 Nighthawk. I am not sure if rings for similar models will work but it doesn't matter so far because I can't find sets for any DOHC model. Thanks
  8. H

    Forks seals leaking, again.

    About a week after I replaced my leaky seals they started leaking again but this time it was worse than before. Is there anything extra that I can apply to help seal it or is there a specific brand of seal that does better than most? I got my seals from We found a step by...