1. P

    what size fork on cb750k8 for clip on bars?

    As title states, what is the fork size on a 750k8? I plan on ordering a pair of clip on bars soon and I really don't have anything to measure the forks with. I found in the manual that says they are 39.5mm? If they are that size, do I get the 39mm size clip ons? Also, what places would you...
  2. swoardrider

    Will '69 CB750 top triple tree fit a '73?

    I'd love to swap out my tree for the old style that has the factory guage brackets like this one:
  3. N

    Aftermarket levers for 1980 CB750c

    Well, its a damn shame but my clutch lever got into a fight with some concrete and lost. I was wanting to replace them with something aftermarket maybe a nice shiny gold. I have installed Renthall High Road handlebars that are a bit lower than stock... I think it would give it a good look...
  4. B

    HD Sportster Handlebar Controls on 72 cb750?

    Just bought a 72 cb750 and am wanting to get updated handlebar controls. I previously owned a 2012 HD Sportster and really liked the controls it had. If I picked up some OEM HD handlebar controls, would they work with my cb?
  5. J

    1991 cb750 wont start , several electrical issues

    Hello Everyone. Let me start by saying , Thanks for the great forum , I have read a few post and have been able to do a few repairs on my bike thanks to you guys, I am new here and after researching the issues with no luck i am going to post what is going on in hopes of getting this bike back...
  6. Dave

    How to measure handlebars?

    Hey guys, My bike had custom bars when I got it. They cause me to lean forward a bit to reach them which is just not comfortable. They also have a crossbar for some inexplicable reason and it blocks the gauges. My view in the mirrors is blocked also, by my arms, unless I tuck them in and tilt...
  7. E

    What are the handlebar measurements for 1980 CB750F sport control?

    I am going to start fixing up my 1980 CB750F this year. It has the "sport control kit" which includes the sport handlebars, but the previous owner replaced them with something different and the handlebars hit the gas tank now when I turn. Does anyone know the dimensions of the proper sport...
  8. R

    HID Help.

    I have tried to get my 750 inspected twice being told by the guy I purchased it from that all I needed was a running beam(according to statute here). After going to two different shops, I was told I needed to have a high and low beam. The way the previous owner has the HID hooked up is just a...
  9. pjmule

    Are there shorter cables for clubman bars? 80 750K

    Are there shorter cables for clubman bars? Want to change bars and looks like the stock throttle / clutch cables would be too long.
  10. Jrowley1986

    Throttle assembly issues.

    The throttle assembly that came with my basket case CB is thrashed, i ordered a new one from dimecitycycles but the throttle cables arnt compatable, anyone know either A. where can i get compatable throttle cables that will work with the carbs. Or B. a throttle assembly that will work with the...
  11. B


    so i have seen on many pictures on line of cb's with aftermarket rear sets like tarozzie etc but ive also seen a bunch of people with modern sport bike controls. i know the tarozi ones are super pricey but are a direct fit no fuss, could anyone give any insight if they have any experience with...
  12. Drewboy22

    Broken brake light switch!

    I am looking for the Brake light switch for the front brakes. Used doesn't really bother me as long as it works. I have checked some of the local junk yards but was out of luck. Anyone got some Ideas? Thanks, Drew
  13. A

    81 cb750 f - Mileage gauge stopped working

    Just curious if anyone knows what I might have done wrong.. I recently replaced the speedometer and handlebars, perhaps I didn't hook something back up correctly? My mileage gauage both total/and the push-button one don't work. I can't remmeber If i disconnected any cables, I don't think I...
  14. J

    Starter Switch

    I have a 1975 cb750 and need to replace the right control assembly and was wondering if one from a 1976 CB750F or a 1978 CB750 would work, I found a few on line, some of the sellers say that the wiring connectors are different but I mainly need the starter button switch. Thanks Jay D.