cold start

  1. T

    1980 CB750F Oil light On/High and Erratic Idle

    Hey Guys looking at for some insight on some issues that I am having with the bike I just bought. So I bought the bike running took it for a spin upon purchasing it runs great the idle does sit high at 2,000 RPM when warm. The bike does not idle when cold, the bike starts right up though but I...
  2. dist80c

    Rough idle then stalls

    '79 CB750K. Idles rough at cold start. Previously I had to hold the throttle open for about 1 minute or it will die. Once it warms up a bit I can release the throttle and adjust the choke. The other day it cut out after about 1/2 a mile. I thought it might be flooded, so I waited a couple of...