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  1. D

    1983 CB750C DOHC Charging Issues

    Hi, i'm new around here and i'm sorry in advance for my english 'cause it's not my native language. Anyway, i've recently purchased a 1983 CB750C DOHC, at first when i brought the bike home it lasted solid 30 minutes, then i came back to the garage and it stalled down. Gone through all the posts...
  2. L

    Need help with brakes

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new on the forum and I'm writing from Serbia. Recently (well not so recently, in the autumn :) ) I came into possession of an CB750 C (R6) and I have been slowly rebuilding it. So far everything went well, however I can't identify the brake pads. I have contacted...
  3. deeveeance

    Will a CB650C MAC 4-into-1 Exhaust fit on a same year CB750C?

    Quick question for y'all! Found a for sale post on Facebook of a Mac 4-into-1 Exhaust with competition baffle that was originally on an '82 CB650C. Looks like a great deal for ~$100, since my Mac 2-into-2 is falling apart and rattling from the inside, an PO did not give me the original. Would...
  4. deeveeance

    Almost done with project 1982 CB750C, looking for final elements/advice

    At the end of 2021, I traded an unused Macbook Air for a decent 1982 CB750C with title and all, got it registered under my name and off to the races. I went through some carb trouble, fought drivetrain elements, and, everyone's favorite, electrical gremlins. Summer of 2022, I slapped on a new...
  5. Neverfinished

    No vacuum on cylinders 3&4

    Bike runs, idles steady. Carbs have been pulled and gone through twice. Manifolds on both sides replaced. No indication that the bike is running on only two cylinders and it actually sounds nice at idle. Figured since I got it running fairly well id do a carb sync. Cyl 1&2 look good - both...
  6. deeveeance

    For Sale - WTB - 1982 CB750C Sissybar/Backrest

    Looking to get a backrest/sissybar for my 750C so the girlfriend can take a lean back every once in a while. I know a couple of them even had the added rack with them, so that'd be great! Located in Portland, OR for meetup/shipping.
  7. MrsZDaquri

    For Sale - 1980 Honda CB750C - Recently serviced, well maintained - $5.5k OBO

    Hello! My husband and I purchased this beauty on a whim during our relocation from CA to OH; honestly didn't think we'd win the bid, but we did and well, as suspected, she's just too much bike for us newbie riders. My husband had a dream of turning this into his cafe racer, so the only...
  8. B

    1981 cb750c Front Axle Torque Spec? (air assisted forks)

    Hi, I have an 81 cb750c with air assisted forks. I just had the forks resealed so I had to take the front end, obviously including the axle, apart. Upon putting it together however, I cant find any torque spec for the front axle with these forks. Every bit of information I have found has been...
  9. deeveeance

    82 CB750C - High Idle after touching throttle, no spawn of satan?

    Hey all, I received the replacement set of carbs from eBay, cannibalized the original set and set up the new one on the bike. Fired up instantly, few pops, but smoothed out after adjusting the rod with black knob at the "bottom" of the carbs (idle screw?). Problem is, when I touch the...
  10. deeveeance

    Wanted - 1982 CB750C compatible carbs (possibly borrow?)

    Need some carbs to fully test out my project 1982 CB750C (DOHC) before committing to buy a set of Murray's Carbs (Mikuni VM34's) or Dynoman's Keihin CR31's. Open to anything compatible, not sure what the market is for the OEM-Alternatives is. If you happen to have a spare set that you don't...
  11. deeveeance

    Update on 1982 CB750c Carb Rebuild - New Carbs?

    To recap: got an '82 CB750C project to work on, traded a laptop I didn't use, and ~$30 for a uHaul trailer. Sweet deal in my books. First off- cleaned, took things apart, secured everything else, and attempted to start 'er up: engine would only run on Choke, and spewed gas from carb 2/3 area...
  12. D

    CB750K vs CB750C parts

    Hi everybody! I have 2 1982 cb750c with different issues, I can make 1 good bike out of them with tons of parts left. I can get a complete but not working 1981 cb750k for a good price but wondering if most parts would fit or if they are very different. Thanks for your time/help
  13. FTS902

    750C Revive

    Recently I purchased a 1980 CB750c in northern Michigan. I wanted something I could work on and get involved with. I just left my girlfriend so I needed something new to throw money and time at. I got it for a fair price given its condition. The first thing that screamed out at me was that...