1. Luis Etchenique

    '79 CB750F super sport / DOHC -- replacement rear brake master cylinder

    hello CB750 friends - in the proces of resto-modifying ( into a race replica ) my CB750F s/s, like most of the bike ... the rear brake's master cylinder is completely gone -- I had to cut it off from the footpeg brackets, since it was welded by years of galvanic corrosion so my question is...
  2. A

    1995 Rear Brake Pedal replacement

    Hello all, I have done a little searching, but as of yet, I obviously haven't found the info I was looking for. I am a new rider, and make a mistake while changing the oil. Needless to say, I dropped the bike, and bent the rear brake pedal. It's still operable, but the pad is angled at an...
  3. C

    Master Cylinder

    I am trying to get the master cylinder reservoir off the base. It is the plastic one with the 4 screws to hold it in place. I removed the 4 screws and tried to pull it out. It will rotate quite freely but it refuses to come out. It looks like there is two rubber "O" rings or seals that is...
  4. C

    Front Brake Hose

    Hi there; does anyone know where I can get a front brake hose for a 1980 CB750 Custom, by chance? Thanks Chris
  5. H

    CB750F1 Torque Link Hardware and Other Questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 76 CB750F that is, unfortunately, missing some important hardware. I am missing parts 48, 28, 63, and 62 in the first attachment. These parts are the mounting hardware for the rear caliper torque link. I'm missing that hardware for the front mount and I can...
  6. Bloody Mary

    "79 Front Caliper

    Wanted to get a spare caliper for my '79 750LTD. Looks like left caliper from '81 Custom is the same. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.
  7. R

    Help with front caliper

    Just purchased a 1977 CB750k. It's in pretty good condition other than the fact it has been sitting man years. I've got it running pretty well but the front brake was not functional. Rather than chase the problem down part by part i replaced everything from the master to the hoses to the...
  8. M

    Rear Master Cylinder Hose

    Hello all, I'm a fairly new wrencher and am trying to replace all the rubber seals and hoses on my 1980 CB750F. The one that's causing the most grief in finding is the reservoir hose for the rear master cylinder...I'd like to replace it with braided stainless. I can't find specs for the proper...
  9. B

    750k8 brake issues

    1. So I just recently did a quick restoration of the front caliper as well as adding some ss lines to it. Bled the system and everything is ok but every once in a while the front brake will feel squishy almost to the point to where I can easily pull it to the handle bar. 2. I also recently...
  10. B

    Brake Master Cylinder, Rebuild or Replace?

    hi all, is there a strong argument for either rebuilding or replacing the OEM brake master cylinder on my cb750 DOHC? Thanks.
  11. J

    1979 CB750F front and rear calipers

    Does anyone know if any other model calipers will work with existing mounting holes on front forks? or existing caliper brackets? like perhaps the 900C from the 1982?
  12. B

    Rear master cylinder

    Hi all! I have a 1972 Rickman. I’m the second owner. When I got the bike a few months back, both the front and rear brakes did not work. In fact, they were both dry as the bike had sat for about 7 years. I rebuilt the front master, and cleaned the calipers. The front now works as it should. I...
  13. F

    Trying to re-attach front brake calipers on 1982 CB750C

    Hey all, Pretty new around here, (first post), but I've been enjoying reading the forums. I've got a 1982 CB750C (Custom) with the dual front calipers... when I got it the calipers were in a box... so it's come time to re-attach them and I'm seeing that all the bolts are not also in the box...
  14. Bloody Mary

    '79 LTD Master

    Bike has an aftermarket master cylinder, however, I have the original that needs to be cleaned and rebuilt. Having a problem removing the plastic reservoir. Appears that all the fasteners are removed, but the reservoir is stuck. Perhaps the large O-ring has bonded to the metal body. hesitate...
  15. T

    73 CB750 caliper MC help!!

    Rebuilding the MC as it was original. Ordered a rebuild kit. Then a second one because I thought I made a mistake. Both came in with a smaller diameter kit than what is on the bike. Plunger was about 1MM smaller. Could this be because the MC came from an older model and used anyway at the...
  16. M

    73 CB750 front brake issues

    I just wanna ride!!! Still with front brake issues... I rebuilt the master cylinder and it appears to function with check valve working. I also rebuilt the brakes including new piston seals. The brake lines were not replaced but were cleaned out with wire and compressed air passes easily...
  17. N

    Front Brake Lever Piston / New Brake Lines

    I'm getting closer to to road ready on a '82 CB750 Custom. The previous owner had let the bike sit, but his brother installed a new plastic brake reservoir on the brake lever and gave me all new front brake lines (all the way down to the calipers). Installed those, but their full of air at the...
  18. L

    1980 cb750k drum brake problem

    Replaced the brake shoes on my rear drum as part of rear wheel service, (all new bearings to) all went together fine. This is on a bike I have been restoring for the last 2 months. Finally took it out for a short ride, motor still needs some tuning but all in all it ran pretty good. Had to...
  19. S

    1982 F2C brake rotor upgrades

    So I'm looking to do a few upgrades to the brakes on my F2C. The current rotors have seen better days (as you would expect for an 30+ year old chunk of metal) and rather than just opting for some OEM replacements that will also be used, i was wondering - does anyone have any...
  20. D

    CB750F 1982 rear wheel.

    Hello everyone! I have just got myself a CB750F Boldor 1982 that I will try to give a scrambler look. To do that I would like to fit a knobly rear tire. But how large (wide) can i go? Since I have disc brakes rear, there is a strut for the caliper where it seems to be tight. Maybe someone have...
  21. D

    1977 CB750F Break Caliper Piston and Rebuild kits to get

    I am rebuilding the break calipers on a 1977 cb750f . The pistons are rusted and I am looking for the part numbers to replace them. I think that they were rebuilt before and installed on wrong wheel. The FRONT left has one caliper that piston that is larger and the right front is smaller...
  22. K

    Front Brake Caliper.

    As I was reassembling my Front Caliper on my 81 Honda CB 750 K,. I noticed 1 brake Caliper has a rubber bushing on the bolt and the other didn"t . Do I need one for the other bolt,.,?
  23. DukethePom

    Recommend a brake disc drilling service?

    Considering having all three rotors on my 81 750F drilled and want to see if there is a recommended machinist/shop that performs this service. I did a minor build on a 900F in the late '80's and sent the rotors out for drilling and really enjoyed the looks and performance. I recall back then it...
  24. MagicMoose

    Front brake pads make scraping sound

    This is a 1980 750C. I removed my front wheel in order to take off the fender so I could paint it. When I removed the front wheel, I did not remove the brake unit as I just needed enough clearance so I could get my wrench on the fender bolts. I just removed the axle holders. After putting...
  25. K

    Front brake caliper

    As I was tearing my front caliper apart. I noticed I am missing the brake pad indicator,.,Is this part necessary,.,Some of it was broke off,.,
  26. K

    looking at buying a 91 nighthawk 750

    seller says 7000 miles with new brakes, why would it need new brakes after only 7000 miles? or is this normal?, also no decals, should have honda on tank and nighthawk on side covers, correct?
  27. B

    Front brake help -> 1991 CB750 Nighthawk

    Greetings, my first post on this forum. I haven't worked on a Honda for many years but my son bought one and he needs my help. We rebuilt the front caliper and master. We followed shop manual procedures. I also watched a couple YouTube videos to check my work. When assembled the master...
  28. G

    Fixing up a friend's 1992 CB750

    Hi all, I'm a Suzi/Yamaha guy but am repairing my friend's '92 CB750. Its the usual sort of thing; he bought the bike in good shape, parks outside uncovered all the time, infrequent maintenance, rides it only the good weather etc. I rescued the bike when it wouldn't start and left him...
  29. K

    1980 CB750F Brake parts

    Hi all, I just acquired a handsome 1980 CB750F. The rear brake was seized which I had assumed was the piston. Turns out the piston is fine and I'm ready to rebuild with just new seals; easily obtained. What is of concern is that it was missing the brake pad shim and brake pad spring. Both of...
  30. C

    Bleeding the twin piston, twin caliper front brakes. CB750 F 1983.

    Having reached the stage in my rebuild of fitting the front brakes I ran into problems bleeding the air out. Rebuilt calipers, new pads and new braided brake lines. Following the manual(s) resulted in a very soft brake lever, several attempts at bleeding produced no improvement, the lever almost...