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  1. B

    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Week 0 - Intros and Goals What’s up everyone, I’m posting here to keep track of a build I’ve been planning out and to hopefully ask and answer some questions along the way. I recently began some online courses covering engine building and automotive wiring and thought a motorcycle might be a...
  2. C

    For Sale - For Sale One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica

    One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica Photos, video, details at ClassicAvenue.com https://classicavenue.com/product/one-of-only-150-produced-only-41-known-to-survive-1980-honda-cb750-phil-read-replica/
  3. WhiteWidow


  4. cb750f 1980 frist build 2

    cb750f 1980 frist build 2

    First build but my fifteenth bike
  5. cb750f 1980 First build

    cb750f 1980 First build

    First build but my fifteenth bike
  6. D

    Obsolete con Rod bolts

    Hi all, I am rebuilding a 1980 F model and everything I have read suggests replacing con Rod bolts is a must. Unfortunately they appear to be discontinued and I can't source any. The part number I have is 13204-689-004. Surely there must be a superseded part number or another one that will...
  7. Z

    Advice on price: 1980 Honda CB750F

    He's asking $3500, I'm new to these older bikes, and instead of hitting him with the KBB/NADA values, I wanted to get some advice from the experts here. I was thinking closer to $2600, because the carbs are $800 on sudco. Thanks for your help in advance! Bike Info: 19,000 miles. Mechanic...
  8. Ricebiker

    Carbs Overflowing, 1980 750F, VB42 carbs

    Must've done something ass backwards because all four carbs are overflowing. Now I've put floats in upside down before and had to correct them, but these floats look like they're made to be fool proof. The floats are all plastic and have a groove that 'look' like they hold the float needle...