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    Wanted - Genuine piggy back rear shocks
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    Wanted - Genuine piggy back rear shocks

    Depending on your budget there are some secondhand ones on Ebayyyy. They look like they need a clean at least. I’m not sure if the Showa shocks are serviceable.
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    Male plug

    I don’t know if this is any help but there is something similar in this picture. Maybe the wire harness has been changed at some time.
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    stuck screws on 92 carburetor brackets

    If they are the ones I’m thinking of they will be JIS - Japanese Industry Standard. If you haven’t got a JIS screwdriver already, I recommend you get one and use it in conjunction with the penetrating oil, and patience. I found the JIS made a difference. When they engage in the screwhead to undo...
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    Wanted - 1991 to 2003 Nighthawk/CB750 center stand

    I’m not sure how much you want to pay but........and I have no connection at all with the seller.
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    Let's see your CB750

    Here's my '96, standard but reliable and I can ride it all day if need be. When bought it needed a few things to make it right, leaking carbs, some vacuum problems, notchy steering bearings etc. But I love it.
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    New member, '96 CBSevenFifty

    2nd post, thanks for letting me join. I prefer the forum environment to others. Here is my bike, pretty much standard, but that's how it came together after a bit of tidying up. Some pictures of recent tours. Cheers, Rob.
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    Major Software Upgrade

    I like the forum style rather than faaacebook style, that’s why I joined.