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  1. yamasarus

    Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway

    JIS is a must for working on Japanese machines.
  2. yamasarus

    December 2021 - CB750 Supply Giveaway - Last drawing for 2021 - Free Money for Parts-Enter Now

    If you have an old CB750 like I do, you need parts!
  3. yamasarus

    April Giveaway Looking for the right person to give free money to-Enter Now!!!

    Please help me save these two CB750s! I need parts!
  4. yamasarus

    1st CB750 Supply Giveaway for 2016 - Get Fired Up & Enter for your chance to win!

    My poor old K5 could sure use some parts.......
  5. yamasarus

    October 2015 Giveaway- Need Parts? No Money! Enter Now & get parts for Free! Its True

    Rusty still needs parts! Please help.
  6. yamasarus

    August 2015 Giveaway-Free Money for Motorcycle Parts-Enter for your chance to win!!!

    I'm retired and have two CB750s to restore. I could use any help. Wish me luck!
  7. yamasarus

    Best kept secret! Free money for parts! Your chances are good to win - Enter Now

    I've got two Ks and I sure could use the parts!
  8. yamasarus

    February 2014 Giveaway from CB750 Supply

    Boy, do I need parts!
  9. yamasarus

    Motorcycle Lift Table

    Travis, Looks great. I don't have any experience with them but they have been around a while and seem to use similar technology to Handy. How can you go wrong?
  10. yamasarus

    CB750 K5 Restoration

    I am a hound for over restoring. I want to make the bike the best it can be. If Honda had our finishes available in 1975 they would have used them. In that light I say make it what you want. If it makes you happy then enough said. Isn't that what really counts?
  11. yamasarus

    February Giveaway From CB750 Supply!

    Please pick me. My owner needs all the help he can get!
  12. yamasarus

    Original exhaust

    Honda does offer replacement 341 series pipes. I have also seen reproduction 300 series systems but I don't know if they are through Honda. That can be easily checked through servicehonda or your local dealer. As to the chrome. In the 70s Honda chrome left a lot to be desired. I have both an...
  13. yamasarus

    Original exhaust

    Honda sells the original exhaust over the counter. It retails for about $1200 for all four pipes. Last time I checked they were available from and for about $870 plus shipping. Considering that each pipe would be about $220, that's a pretty fair price for a new...
  14. yamasarus

    October 31st Giveaway from CB750 Supply

    I have two CB750s that will be restored to new. I need all the help I can get!
  15. yamasarus

    July 31st Giveaway from CB750 Supply

    I have a CB750K6 that I have named Rusty. I don't normally name vehicles, but the name just jumped out at me. Anyway, Rusty needs lots of parts and would appreciate any help he can get!
  16. yamasarus

    Giveaway $50 Gift Certificate to CB750 Supply (ends March 31, 2012 at 1:00PM EST)

    I would really appreciate entry into the drawing. I have a CB750K6 that I named Rusty, if that tells you anything!