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    adjusting carb slide before sync

    I just finished rebuilding 1973 carbs, before i putting carbs back on bike before starting the sync process i have a couple questiosn, should there be any play up top on slide adjustment, should i turn the nuts so play is just removed. also what should be a baseline slide gap (a assume all the...
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    Adjusting 1973 carbs before sync

    I have rebuilt mt 1973 carbs, i have a questions regarding adjusting the slide , is the suppose to be any play up top, also how much gap should i have before putting carbs back on bike and start sync process, any help would be must appreciated
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    1978 k Flooding, float valve wrong way

    i bought a 1978 750k with rebuilt carbs ,the person i got it from mention one of the carbs might have a leak in one float bowl overflow tube,i started the bike and was hard to start but would run but couldnt idle leaking from overfow,, with bike off when you turn the petcock on fuel comes out...
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    Any info on Cyclex

    Im looking at buying wheel from cyclex, and have sent many emails and even called a few times and someone was call be back and never have, im worried if this is the service you get before you buy, what happens if there in a issue with the purchase, should i be worried or keep trying to purchase...
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    looking for new wheels cyclex?

    i have a 1878 cb750 that im converting to a cafe racer, i saw a website from cyclex, has anyone had any experience with their wheels, i was also looking at the rear disc conversion, is this bolt on without modifications, sent them some question a couple time through email but no response, any...
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    1976 cb750 parts Will they fit a 1978

    Hi, are the front fork housing, wheel hubs the same on a 1976 and 1978, any info would be much appreciated
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    1978 cb 750 cafe build questions

    im new to the forum, i just got a 1978 cb 750 and am making it into a café racer, , I have a couple questions im hoping someone can help me with, im looking at getting pod filters, which size would fit my carbs and what size jet will have have to purchase, I also want to relocate my license...