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    My '79 Ltd - Finally finished

    This one got to me with 4into2 as well. My restoration shop produced the pipes for me. It would take a real enthusiast to see that at first glance though. Super happy with how it turned out. Likely some better pictures soon.
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    My '79 Ltd - Finally finished

    In this case (he is 86 now) I will have to settle for the smile on his face when he saw it. Combined with talking about rides he used to take me on make this effort well worth it to me.
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    My '79 Ltd - Finally finished

    Amazing, and nostalgic at the same time. My dad had the same model bike when I was a kid. My goal was to make this happen while he was still alive, and I was able to make it happen.
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    My '79 Ltd - Finally finished

    Purchased this bike from another guy on this forum nearly 5 years ago. Had planned on restoring it myself, and quickly found I was in way over my head. Been a while, but back from restoration and finally put some miles on it today.
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    Wanted - PN 84100-425-870 for '79 CB750Ltd - Bumper, RR

    I have a larger sissy bar w/ pad currently, and want to go back to the original part.
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    For Sale - Parting out CB750LTD and CB750SC

    Looking for part 84100-425-870 if you have it from the Ltd... RR, Bumper I think they call it
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    Shipping an Engine for rebuild

    Appreciate the replies.. in this case I took an existing 48x40 pallet, attached a sheet of 3/4" plywood to the base. Then built a crate that will go on top of that. This will also be truck shipped so hopefully a bit more safe that way.
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    Shipping an Engine for rebuild

    I am getting set to ship my engine to have it restored and wanted to see if this group had any advice on shipping. Currently I have built a crate (using a pallet for a base) and that piece is complete. Wondered what thoughts are for securing the engine to the crate. I had been thinking about...
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    CB750k 4-4 stock exhaust cost?

    Trying to decipher this.. reads as if you have a set of 3-3 to sell from a 79 750k? Is that correct?
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    Kind of exhaust

    Still have these? They fit a '79 750 Ltd? I have a set of 4-2 that came with my bike that I would be interested in swapping.
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    Side Covers - confirmation?

    Purchased from the ebay seller and the cover is practically flawless. The tabs etc are in great condition. Off to the painters!
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    Carb Clean

    Good callout amc49... I just removed the carb bank a couple of days ago myself. After reading this I rechecked the rubbers at the air box and sure enough.. cracked.
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    Side Covers - confirmation?

    Cool.. so if I was taking these all to a paint shop they should be able to use the Ltd Edition badges I have on my existing (cracked) side cover and attach them to a replacement I buy on ebay?
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    Side Covers - confirmation?

    Can anyone confirm that the side covers from a '79 CB750k will also fit a '79 CB750 Limited? See some on ebay and they look like they should, but hoping for confirmation. Partsfish indicates PN 83610-425-871ZA for the Limited (I presume the last numbers are color codes to match the bike). The...
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    Where to start?

    Bet of luck with your build.. just picked a 750L myself and starting through the same process.
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    Bike turns over, but….

    Thanks for the advice.. I will give it a try. Of course, that will now come after I remove and clean the carbs as it seems one of the floats is stuck(?) and the bike is draining gas from the overflow tube on Carb 3. Oh well, I wanted a project bike and I guess I have it.
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    Bike turns over, but….

    So starting to work on my newly purchased CB750 Ltd and I have done the following items. New Spark Plugs Changed Oil and Filter Drained old gas from the tank Installed new inline gas filter and line (Checking compression later this afternoon) With the choke fully out I am able to start the...
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    Original exhaust

    May as well tag on here... I am looking for OEM 4:4 for my 1979 CB750k Limited
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    Engine Guards - '79 CB750k Ltd

    Hey all- I have the engine guard shown in the picture on my bike currently, and am looking to replace it with something "cleaner".... specifically I am looking for one that mounts to the (2) bolt points on either side, and DOESN'T have the u-bolt type mount that this one has. Thoughts?
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    Repairing side cover on a '79 CB750L

    Thanks for the reply.. I am hearing some mixed reviews on repairing the existing posts (though I don't have the skills likely to fix them in the manner most describe. I believe you are correct about the cover, and since I have the Ltd emblems I am on the lookout for a standard set of K covers...
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    Repairing side cover on a '79 CB750L

    New here and I have looked over the various posts before deciding to throw this one out there. I recently purchased a '79 CB750L and though the side covers are in generally good condition and include the Ltd badges, both the R and L side have missing (broken) posts on the inside for mounting...
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    For Sale - 1979 CB750K LTD 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

    Heads up for the rest of the forum... I purchased this bike, and it has now made it's way to my garage in Washington State :) Bike was in great shape as described by the original poster and gives me a great head start on getting it as close to original / showroom as I can now.
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    Last giveway of the year-Free money for parts-Enter now for your chance to win...

    heck.. pretty new here, but count me in!
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    For Sale - 1979 CB750K LTD 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

    Sent a PM, but just checking.. is this bike still available?