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    Ballistic Battery

    Has anyone tried the Ballistic Performance Components Lithium battery? Its supposed to be crazy small and light. I'm contemplating picking one up and was just checking if anyone has anything to say about them.
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    '80 CB750F supersport Chain Help

    Hey guys Im needing assistance with what size chain to buy for my '80 750F Supersport. The sizes are changing from website to website and I'm beginning to bang my head against the wall.:banghead: Im looking for a Gold X ring chain. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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    [HOW-TO] Setting input circumference for digital speedometer

    dime city sells one that they say is for a cb750 with a 1:4 ratio but i wanted to make sure before I drop the $60
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    CDI potting coming out

    www.electrosport.com sells modern replacements that hook right up, no modifications required
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    Spedo and Tach ratios

    I am currently in the middle of a 1980 CB750F SuperSport Cafe/Brat project and I am wanting to buy new gauges like the ones that dime city has for sale, does anyone know the correct ratios for the Speedo and the Tach. I am planning on using stock tire height.
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    [HOW-TO] Setting input circumference for digital speedometer

    do you happen to know the ratio for the tach on dohc bikes?