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    1980 CB 750C

    I have a 1980 CB750C (Custom) and am trying to find what colours were available for that model year. I have one that says "Candy Muse Red" was one of the colours for that year. Were there any others? Thanks
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    Master Cylinder

    I am trying to get the master cylinder reservoir off the base. It is the plastic one with the 4 screws to hold it in place. I removed the 4 screws and tried to pull it out. It will rotate quite freely but it refuses to come out. It looks like there is two rubber "O" rings or seals that is...
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    Front Brake Hose

    Hi there; does anyone know where I can get a front brake hose for a 1980 CB750 Custom, by chance? Thanks Chris
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    Reupholster 1980 Seat

    I have a 1980 CB750C that I am redoing the seat cover on. I took the chrome seat trim off by removing the press C clip on the blind studs. I am trying to find out if anyone knows where I can get some replacement studs to use in place of the old ones. Thanks Chris
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    Looking for Fitz

    Hi there: I was talking with Sean who used to clean carbs and he says he doe not do that anymore and recommended a person here on the site named "FITZ", I have not been able to locate him. Anyone out there have any idea who this fellow is? Thanks Chris
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    Carb Rebuild? or ?

    I just got a 1980 750 Custom. A good barn find actually; if has been sitting for the better part of 32 years. This was a really "pig in a poke" gamble for me. When I looked at it, all the parts were still on the bike but no battery or kickstarter to see if the engine was seized. I paid $900...