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    Carb fuel question and fitment

    Bought a set of carbs from eBay that the seller assured me would fit my 79 CB750F SS. There is a "T" fitting along the fuel rail between #3 and #4 carbs. Should this be capped? Pics for clarity. Also, there's a capped nipple on the throat of #2 carb. Does this supply vacuum for the slides in...
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    Old School Carbs

    I sent my carbs to Jack at Old School Carbs back in February. I know on his web site he says he has a 10 -12 week backlog, but when I've left messages there's been no reply. Hopefully he's still in business! Anyone have any insight??
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    Rebuilding rear master cylinder problems

    Need some assistance. 79 750F Super Sport. Has sat in dry storage since 1988. I'm rebuilding the wheel and master cylinders. The piston is STUCK in the rear master cylinder. I've taken everything apart but that. I was able to tap it to move it in the bore, hit the intake with air from my...
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    What’s this little doohickey?

    Hi guru’s. Just scored a sweet little 79 750F. Been years since I’ve had a Honda, so I’m really rusty. Ordered a service manual but it won’t be here for a few more days. What’s this little gem leaking a black tar like substance on the battery? Also, how the heck do I get the little Phillips...