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  1. Rampton

    Clutch rubber replacement??

    Hi does any cb750 Dohc owners know how to contact the guy who supply's the clutch rubber replacement. The one where you drill out the rivets and replace rubbers re-tap and install the supplied bolts think he is from Holland or Sweden??
  2. Rampton

    Advice required on how to strip and clean bank of vb52 carburetors .

    Hi to all, I have a 1981 cb750 Dohc, with help from members I have been trying to get her running. So far charging system sorted compression test 130 average, valve clearances done. Pick up coils and plugs changed. Had carbs cleaned (sonic) and I have removed carbs and changed jets needle valves...
  3. Rampton

    Valve setting 81 cb750k dohc

    Hi 😊 to all I own a cb750 k Dohc 1981, I have had this bike for two years and it is really a great ride when it runs. The latest fix was regulator stator and rotor to sort the charging system. Now poor spark number 4 but great on number one also number 3 intermittent. When bike warm #1&2...
  4. Rampton

    Cb 750k Dohc 1981 pickup coils.

    Hi ☺️ to all I am wondering if there is an alternative to the Honda pick up coils as the are getting harder to find in the UK. Also only one of mine test bad the other is 517 ohms is it possible to change one out and not the pair. As I understand I have to remove the ATU to get the cable out...