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    CB750 K1 jetting Help

    I went from 120 to 112.5 and it helped a lot. Then, last week I went to 110 and it helped it run even better.
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    Nice talking to you. Thanks, Cedric
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    Thanks, Cedric
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    Yes. That is fine. Where do you live? My wife does that for me sometimes. :).
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    Give me your cell phone and I will call you. Then you can delete the phone number from the message.
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    Yes, I have two cases. One is a replacement case where the dealer stamped the number on the engine. The other one is a factory stamped engine number and I have many of the engine parts that came inside. It was left outside for years when I bought it but most of the parts can be cleaned and...
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    Wheel hop

    The tire may not be fully seated on the rim.
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    1971 cb 750 carbs

    I would use the entire set you bought after you rebuild them. You can probably get the broken jet out of your original set.
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    CB750 K1 jetting Help

    I just finished restoring a 1971 CB750 and had sputtering when I gave it full throttle. I removed the air cleaner to troubleshoot and the problem did not occur. So that told me it was running too rich at full throttle. At full throttle, the main jet is the one to change, so I went from a 120...
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    CB750 K1 jetting Help

    I would suspect it is running too lean if it sputters when you back off the throttle. One way to help diagnose it is to remove the air cleaner and take it for a ride. If the problem gets worse or stays about the same, it is too lean.
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    I always need parts so hope I win. Just finished this one...
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    1971 CB750 Project

    Here is a 1971 CB750 K1 project that I just completed. I took everything apart and fixed/restored it. I did all the work myself including the paint. You can see some GL1000 parts that I painted along with the CB750 parts. The bike was in bad shape and had been sitting since 1983.
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    Shift Mechanism Assy...!

    This Youtube video shows you how to put it together. HackAWeek
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    oil leak

    When you remove the oil fill cap, do you hear and feel air pressure? Maybe the cap is not venting properly? Also, did you install the small oil orifices which limit the oil to the head? These are shown in the parts diagram #6. Partzilla Parts Diagram
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    I am always working on a project. Here is a picture of my last project.
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    CB750 SUPPLY JULY Giveaway Going on NOW! Enter to win FREE MONEY FOR PARTS....

    I am currently working on a CB750 project so $50.00 would help. Thanks! Cedric
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    CB750 Motor Melt

    I think you will be fine with this case. You may have to reweld it, but after you clean up the weld joints, it will be fine. There are many on the road that have been repaired.
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    CB750 Supply May 2022 Giveaway Going On Now - Enter To Win Free Money For Parts

    I just got a CB750 K0 case so I could definitely use a gift certificate. I am looking for a K0 frame.
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    Wanted - 1970 K0 Frame

    I have a die cast 1970 K0 engine and am looking for a frame.
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    Need a 1970 K0 Frame

    I am looking for a K0 frame. If you have one or know someone that might have one, please let me know. I came across a 1970 K0 engine case that had been stored for 35 years and need a frame to go with it. Thanks, Cedric
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    Engine noise when hot

    Prior to adjust the timing chain, first set the timing mark to the "T". Then loosen the adjuster bolt. If you press on the adjuster shaft with a short screwdriver through the rear shaft hole, you will be able to tell if the shaft is applying tension to the chain. Without the screwdriver...
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    Let's see your CB750

    Both of mine are K1s. I restored both of these.
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    Welcome Back - September 2021 - CB750 Supply Giveaway Going on Now - Enter to Win Free $

    Here is my last CB750 K1 project from start to end.
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    Let's see your CB750

    This is my 72 K1 CB750 that I restored.
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