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    I’m in!
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    Cyl. #2 fouling help

    Thanks for the input. All good points. I do have newer valve guide seals, but that’s not to say one isn’t cracked already. My initial thought was valve guides, so I’ll do some further inspection once I pull the head. Good point on restoring vacuum in the cylinders and the excessive fuel. It’s...
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    Cyl. #2 fouling help

    Good question! I did check for spark when I replaced the plugs and coils. However, I didn’t check with one of those in-line testers to make sure it’s getting spark under compression. And I don’t recall if I really compared the spark to the other plugs to make sure it was truly strong. That’s my...
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    Cyl. #2 fouling help

    Hoping to get some input on an issue I’m having with my ‘81 CB750k. Running stock airbox with 4into1 exhaust. I believe it has about 20k miles on it. Seems to be missing on cylinder 2. She smokes pretty bad (blue) out of the exhaust on deceleration. Spark plug is fouled. Here’s what I’ve done...
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    Ignition coil issue?

    I have a 1981 CB750k that has some hesitation and sputtering under high load, and I’m also continuously getting a black plug on cylinder #2 (even after new plugs). It seems to start up and idle fine, and even runs pretty good for the most part. Cylinder 2 is getting hot right away on startup...
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    Engine Temperature Values - Running HOT

    Does anyone have engine temps, or know what max temp is acceptable for these engines? I'm looking for surface temps (valve cover, cylinder fins, exhaust/header connection and/or oil temps) after a decent ride or even just warmed up in the garage. I suspect my '81 CB750 is running a little too...
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    Valve springs - service manual specs

    I’m an idiot, so I’ll answer my own question. The RACING springs are not meant to be used with the OEM cams. Makes sense. If only I would have thought that one through.:unsure:
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    Valve springs - service manual specs

    Is there a known discrepancy in the service manual(s) for valve spring lengths? The manual lists a specification of 1.60” and a wear limit of 1.57” for the inner spring (un-compressed length). Most of mine were at 1.57” or below so I bought an APE racing valve spring kit from 4into1, only to...
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    Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway

    I’m in. Merry Christmas!
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    Yellow oily gas from 1 & 4 carbs

    I have a 1981 CB750k that I've recently put back together after disassembling for paint. I took it out for a short test ride, but it seemed to be very hesitant and sputtery when trying to open her up or accelerate. When i came back from the ride i noticed a small spot on the floor under the...