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    Free tools great
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    Teeth Rattling, hard ride

    my bad did not explain it right. The issue is the front not the rear. sorry my bad
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    Teeth Rattling, hard ride

    On my chopper amen frame, the ride is very teeth rattling when i hit road expansions. what can be done to soften this up and be alot smooter. thanks john
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    Need help after the flooding of the carbs

    Hey I changed the plugs and it is running great! Thanks for the reply.
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    Need help after the flooding of the carbs

    I will check the plugs again but i think they are black. I will change them if so. thanks alot for the info!!!
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    Need help after the flooding of the carbs

    Hey guys need a little help. I have a 1975 cb 750 with 4 CR carbs. I flooded them real bad and since then the bike will not idle and has lost a lot of power. it is not missing it just want go as fast and it is a lot harder to get it going from the start. If i give it a lot of gas it wants to...
  7. 75 chopper

    75 chopper

    1975 cb750
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    Need Info 1975 chopper

    Hey guys thanks in adavance. this is my first chopper and i would love to have any expert info on the it. thanks in adavance
  9. P 20170707 103953

    P 20170707 103953

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    imagejpeg 0 3

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    Let's see your CB750

    Not sure...but it sure looks like mine.
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    Let's see your CB750

    1975 1975 My very first CB750 and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Need year model

    here is a pic of my new purchase
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    Need year model

    Thanks very much.
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    Need year model

    Thanks, here is the number. Cb750E-2410078. Thanks in advance. John
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    Need to know year Model of 750

    Hey guys this a first for me. My first post and first cb750. I need to know the year model. (for as i know) all i have is this number on the top of the engineCb750E-2410078. Thnaks in adavance. john
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    Need year model

    Just bought my first CB750. It is a custom job and I need to know the year of the engine can anyone help thanks in advance. The title just reflects the frame year. Thanks
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    oil dipstick

    I have the same question but to a 1974