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  1. K2750tracy

    Thinking bout opening a shop

    What part of WV you in? Always looking for unique destinations and pit stops for group or weekend rides.
  2. K2750tracy

    Veterans Charity Bike Build

    Today is Giving Tuesday, any donation made to a Facebook fundraiser will be matched. If you were inclined to donate to the veterans tribute build today would be the best way to optimize your donation $$ Please be generous as the parts list is growing rapidly. Thank you. Jamie...
  3. K2750tracy

    Veterans Charity Bike Build

    Hi, I'm building a Bike for the Veterans Charity group " For the Love Of a Veteran Inc." This group provides 5,000 + care packages a month for our deployed veterans. They also help with clothes, shelter and food for homeless vets. I'm building a 74 Honda CB450 resto mod that will be raffled of...
  4. K2750tracy

    Face Book Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt Group

    To anyone interested, I have created the Facebook Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt Group. I've had a lot of fun doing this on 2 other forums that I decided to take it worldwide. I would like to see some members here participate. Thank you Jamie
  5. K2750tracy

    May 2019 Giveaway Starts Now - Free Money for parts...What's better than that?

    Dana, No one deserves the last CB750 Supply giveaway more than you. Congratulations.
  6. K2750tracy

    April 2019 Giveaway - Enter for your chance to win Free Money......

    Last minute entry for free parts. :)
  7. K2750tracy

    February 2019 Giveaway - Starts Now - Want free money for parts? Enter....

    I'm in. Springs not to far away. Need CB750 Supply tuneup stuff.
  8. K2750tracy

    Shipping an Engine for rebuild

    Screw the crate to the pallet put lots of stuffing around the engine to hold it in place( I used sploosh bags from work) you could use the Great Foam Insulation sprayed into plastic bags to keep it from shifting in the crate.
  9. K2750tracy

    Wheels super sport

    This bike is not fully operational, so yea he's trailering.
  10. K2750tracy

    Wheels super sport

    WilliamtheT has bought my 78 750F He is Planning on picking it up on the 10th driving from Chalotte Nc up to Hanover Pa. Welcome to the family.
  11. K2750tracy

    Vintage Motorcycle Display

    Hello CB750 Brothers and sisters I am officialy setting up a vintage motorcycle display for Gettysburg Bike Week in Gettysburg Pa. July 11-14th 2019. I would like to invite anyone that is in the area or that may be coming to the event to bring a vintage (1985 or older) bike for the display...
  12. K2750tracy

    Just got a free CB750 and looking for ideas.

    Jason 44001, You have a rare sandcast model. If you really want to sell it, put it on the sandcast only forum you will get what its worth there. Please dont chop it up. If you want one to chop I'll trade you for one of my basket case 750's!
  13. K2750tracy

    November 2018 Giveaway Starts Now!!! Enter to get FREE money for parts.....

    Christmas is coming, sled needs parts
  14. K2750tracy

    October 2018 Giveaway Starts Now!!! Enter to get FREE money for parts.....

    Let's go make this a real competition.
  15. K2750tracy

    August 2018 - Free Money for Parts starts NOW - Don't miss it - Enter now......

    Thank you CB750 supply, This will come in handy as i just pulled the 78 out of storage.
  16. K2750tracy

    Gas tank pin hole

    Casswel sealent is the best stuff out there IMHO its a 2 part epxoy that will hold up to ethenol. They recomend it for pinhole leaks. Kream is the absolute worst sealent, it WILL breakdown in ethenol and clog your carbs (words of experience). POr 15 is a good product but can't say how it will...
  17. K2750tracy

    New FL member Trying to buy 1969

    Go over to CB750 Sandcast only site and ask this question, you will get relavent info from those who concentrate on just sandcast 750's. Just beware you will probably have some local to you members trying to find this bike and get it before you can.
  18. K2750tracy

    Last Giveaway for 2017! We've given away lots of parts...Are you in need? Enter now..

    Looking into the New year with new free parts. Happy New Year CB750 Supply
  19. K2750tracy

    New member from TN. Good deals are out there if you look hard enough. I look all the time. Depends on how much work your wanting to put into a machine.
  20. K2750tracy

    New member from TN.

    Welcome to CB750.Com. $3600.00 is top dollar for a running bike. You will put $800 to $1000 in it to get it road worthy. I wouldnt offer more than $1500.00 there will always be another one up for sale. Wait for the right deal! The 78 GL1000 is a great bike but nothing at all like the CB750...
  21. K2750tracy

    You Can Get A Lot For $50 At Our Store - Enter Now To Get FREE Money...

    Me too. Winter projects are ramping up.
  22. K2750tracy

    October - Time for another Giveaway - Need some Free Spending Money - Enter Now...

    I'm in again still workin on the 78SS
  23. K2750tracy

    Magazine feature

    Cycle Source put on the custom bike show at Gettysburg Bike Week, my bike won the Asian class there. They aproched me and asked to do an article on it after the show, all the pictures will be from the shoot they did the day of the show.
  24. K2750tracy

    Magazine feature

    Correction it will be Decembers issue as November is already on the stands. Thank you.