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    CB750 Supply Sept. 2023 Giveaway Starting Now - Need Dough For Parts? - This Is The Place - Enter Now To Win!

    Hey all! Here's my K5 rider and my K6 project
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    Hey from snowy NH. The power was off all night but they are working on clearing the broken trees off the power lines and roads.
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    Motor meiner F1 rasselt im heißen Betrieb

    Are your tires cupped? Cupped tires make noise
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    CB750 SUPPLY JULY Giveaway Going on NOW! Enter to win FREE MONEY FOR PARTS....

    I'm in please. I have a project in need.
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    Well maybe not $900 as CMS has the #3 for $948 new(I just looked)
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    Decoding VINs to find out what my engine is... ?

    You've given too little information to get a good answer. What exactly are you looking for and to do??? Do you have the frame numbers and model of your bike too? The engine numbers you posted show it is a 1976 engine case number. The 1972-1976 cb750 used the same style carbs. There were...
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    To say it was never installed is probably not correct but it appears to be a warrantied removal pipe. You can see the ring marks where the collar was tightened on the flange. (I was a parts manager back in the 70s) As to the value of it? Being it is the number 3 pipe(which is one of the last...
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    Information for CB750

    There are lots of parts available for the SOHC bikes to bring one back to new both from aftermarket companies and from Honda.
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    Information for CB750

    The SOHC(1969-1978) are dependable if take care of and not hammered too hard. But remember, these are old bikes now and need to be babied as the cam chain rubber parts are old and brittle now and need to be replaced. I don't know anything on the DOHC bikes to help you.
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    Information for CB750

    I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time today to reply in full as you ask.... You didn't state what type CB750, as in SOHC or DOHC motor.... For SOHC bikes Have you read through the site ??? Another great site to read on is I stopped...
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    750 Carbs (657a)

    What "tricky looking fitting"??? Are you using a service manual? Do you have a parts breakdown?
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    has anybody used

    How long is much longer than expected????
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    has anybody used

    Did you get this resolved? (You left your thread hanging and others need to know the results)
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    Comstar wheels - Can I go tubeless ?

    It depends on what years you bought. The later years made Comstars were tubeless and have a TL on the rim. The SOCH Comstars might not have the TL rating.
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    Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway

    I can use a set of JIS screwdrivers
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    1970 cb750 info help

    Condition matters. There are a few things that need addressing on your friends bike. Throttle cable routing, missing fork gators, original rear shocks, seat foam is deteriorated, running properly(?). Yes the 1970 can fetch good money in top condition. An example...
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    1970 cb750 info help
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    Newbie First Purchase - Barn Find?

    Nice find Clark. This is what stock exhaust looks like.
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    Welcome Back - September 2021 - CB750 Supply Giveaway Going on Now - Enter to Win Free $

    Hey This comes at a good time ready to place an order for my K5
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    75 cb750

    Might be a cam chain. As dirtdigger said it's remove the motor from the frame and open it up to diagnose. No other way on this. Use the repair manual for steps to do so.
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    Howdy again from NH, question on posting pictures and edit my profile

    I thought I was registered here sometime ago but couldn't log on and the lost password link said my email wasn't a member. Oh well, on again. Just thought I'd say howdy. Question on posting pictures, I only use my phone to read and post. Is there a way to post pictures with mobile??? I don't get...
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    For Sale - 76 cb750 four $425

    I have a 76 I'm bringing back to life but the motor was frozen and needs to be bored out. So I'm thinking of putting the motor from yours in to get it on the road until I get to rebuild my motor. This bike was bought new by my brother, he sold it to my dad, dad sold it to a friend of mine who...
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    For Sale - 76 cb750 four $425

    Still Available? Location? Pictures???
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    LED Lighting conversion

    The LED flasher eliminates the need for the inline resistors people put in to get the correct flash rate when using LED turn signals. The inline resistors use as much draw power as the incandescent bulbs did and so defeat the use of LED bulbs to lessen the draw needed for turn signals. The best...