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    In Need of Parts? Does Free sound good! Enter here for your chance to win....

    Baby needs new shoes!!! Come on baby!!!
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    October 2015 Giveaway- Need Parts? No Money! Enter Now & get parts for Free! Its True

    Come daddies baby needs some new shoes.
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    April 2014 Giveaway from CB750 Supply-Enter for your chance to WIN!!!

    All in! Been slowly gathering parts sure could use some more.
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    CB750 K5 Restoration

    Inspiration for sure! Next winter I will get started. This riding season I've got enough maintenance to do on the other bikes to keep me busy between rides and track weekends.
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    750C Revive

    Check Geico. Fast quote and for me significantly cheaper. Get the medical coverage, well worth the extra $s per year.
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    How to achieve this clear coat finish?

    Nice Air Head. Someday... I too love the look but one thing I have heard seen and read about matte is it can be harder to clean.
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    March 2014 Giveaway from CB750 Supply

    Desperate for parts!... and the time to get on this project.
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    It all started with the brakes...

    Does anyone replace the 30 plus year old brake lines? I like to be able to stop and stop fast if I need to. I do not trust brake lines from 1980 that have sat with DOT 3 in them for all of those years no matter how clean the fluid, pistons, masters now are. I just got my CB and haven't made it...
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    Newest newbie bike pics

    Nice. What are those tires? Look like a dual sport with a slant towards street.
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    February 2014 Giveaway from CB750 Supply

    I'm all in! :woowoo: