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    Clutch cable routing

    Bumping topic for pictures- Thanks
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    Turn signal Ground

    Where is the ground for the 1977 CB750F FRONT turn signals located? second I bought this bike second hand it does not have a turn signal "beeper" is that OK?
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    Morning start

    Added Carb clean this afternoon- Just had the carbs cleaned and adjusted etc., by a "professional" will check bowls in the morning before work. Think I ran out of starting fluid- New can to be purchased tomorrow as well - I am in no way a mechanic - but I will try all of these- Thank you
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    Let's see your CB750

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    Morning start

    1977 CB750F When I try to start it in the morning (garaged overnight) the bike does not want to start. It takes me about 3-7 minutes trying to start (with or with out choke). Once she starts I have to hold the throttle at about 3000 rms for at least a minute before the bike will run properly...
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    Let's see your CB750

    Just "finished getting this road worthy" (some tweaks needed)
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    Turn Signal Problem 77 CB750F Supersport

    My flashers turn on when I use the switch - They do not Flash - I have replaced the flasher - I am thinking it may be a grounding problem what are your thoughts? My bike is a 77 CB750F- - I have no idea what you are talking about about a "beeper"
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    77 F2 Wheels

    I am rebuilding a 1977 F2 (so says the VIN) when I purchased it, the bike came with spoked wheels. While reading up on this bike - I seem to get the impression that the bike should have Star wheels. The service manual shows the bike with spoke wheels. Which is correct? Does it make a difference?
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    Halogen Headlight

    Yes but it is more complicated and I am really not into blinding others
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    Halogen Headlight

    Recommendations for a Halogen Headlight for 77 - 750F Super Sport?