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    Wanted - ISO 4-1 Exhaust for a 1993 Nighthawk

    Benz we are talking exhaust, would 79 cb900c fit. 79 cb750k. On the 79 I have a 4 to 1 I would like to go back to the four pipes or the 4 into 2. Walter
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    Thanks, I will make some all are the turns. I have came to red lights and the rpm’s are up. While handing the front brake release the clutch about half way and the rpm’s will adjust to ideal. I have no idea way. Would you, Walter
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    1979 750K rebuilt carbs all the way. It has a 4 into 1 muffler. Should the pilot screws be set at different turns or should the full throttle needle on top be set ay different heights? Righh now runs good at road speed. Will keep a high reb at right light. Habe to turn off and restart and...