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    How do I buff a urethane clear coat?

    I always wet-sand with 2000 grit with some dish soap added to the water, then buff with foam pads and Meguires polish.
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    How much "surgical" skill does it take to restore carbs?

    I would suggest purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner. You will be shocked by how much gunk comes out of a single carb in one of them. I got a 2.5 liter one for about $85 dollars at Harbor Freight and it works well. So far I have done 8 carbs with it and all have came out super clean after 4-5 cycles...
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    How much are these exhaust worth?

    Better question.....what do you want for them?
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    November 2018 Giveaway Starts Now!!! Enter to get FREE money for parts.....

    Count me in! Too many parts needs to mention.
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    Wanted - Right rear turn signal for 1980 CB750K

    Looking for a right rear turn signal for my 1980 CB750K. Only need the stem but will take a complete unit. Send a PM if you have one to sell.
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    For Sale - 1980 CB750K

    Selling my 1980 CB750K. Listed on craigslist here: Would like to see it go to a good home so I will deduct $100 for a forum member if interested.
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    Turn signal beeper???? 1980 CB750K

    In the box of parts that I received when I bought my CB750K was a beeper that looks to be for the turn signals???? Can anyone confirm that a 1980 CB750K had a turn signal beeper as stock??? I cannot find it on any electrical parts list that I have searched.
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    Let's see your other bikes

    Finally finished! Well maybe for now...... Here is a pic of my 1978 Suzuki GS750E that I completely restored. Just finished the paint last week!
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    Read a lot on here about these bikes not running properly with pods. The new-to-me 1980 CB750K I acquired had the dreaded pods installed and ran simply awful! Luckily for me, the PO kept the stock airbox and boots. So.....I spent a couple hours this afternoon replacing the pods with the stock...
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    Throttle won't "return"

    Check the cable routing. I believe that the throttle cable needs to go under the tank on the left side of the steering stem(sounds crazy) and then thru the hole in the frame for it to operate properly. At least that was what was causing mine to stick???
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    October 2018 Giveaway Starts Now!!! Enter to get FREE money for parts.....

    I need lots of stuff! Count me in!
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    Wanted - Crankcase breather hose and Tee for 1980 CB750K

    Looking for the right side crankcase breather hose, the plastic tee and the short hose that connects to the airbox, along with stock clamps if you have them. Send me a PM if you have any of this to sell.
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    Airbox issue?? What happened here?

    Just now getting around to installing the airbox on my newly acquired 1980 CB750K and cannot figure this out. The airbox has 2 hose barbs and I do not have any hoses to connect to them??? The pictures show how the crankcase hose is currently on the bike. I am thinking that the previous owner did...
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    What is the best header paint?

    My newly acquired 1980 CB750K has a mac 4 into 1 header that needs work. Previous owner has repacked the muffler but the paint is missing in action. Just wondering what brand of high temp paint I should use on it. Anyone have a favorite? I've used VHT in the past on engines with good results.
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    New 1980 CB750K owner!

    Just brought home my winter project. A 1980 CB750K with 19K on the clock. Planning on getting it running and riding well this winter. I have 3 other bikes, one a restored 1978 Suzuki GS750E, so I know the basics of what to check out. Anything special about this bike that I should check? I can't...