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    Remove starter Clutch Tool

    Look at workshop manual first pages item. Tools. Tere is a list of them.
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    Cylinder head bolt

    Good Night, Ok, clear. Thank all of you for your precious time. Merry Chistmas, Best Regards, Arturo
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    Cylinder head bolt

    Good Afternoom, Thanks for your answer, I mean "Cylinder Bolt Flanges # 12 & # 13" on the back engine. Which one is the longer ? Right or Left ? How long is it on mm ? Mixed plain and threaded bolt ? Diagram...
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    Cylinder head bolt

    Good Afternoom, Please I got a question about CB750 Nighthawnk 1993 motor cylinder, there are four(4) 10 mm small bolts, down location, two (2) in the front and two(2) on the back, one longer tham the other one (Back). Which side goes the longer one (Right or Left) and how long is it (mm) ...