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  1. dirtdigger

    CB350 rebuild

    Doing a 1973 CB350f rebuild for a local custom car shop. Been sitting for 10 years. I'm going to be doing all the mechanical work and car shop will be doing frame and body work. Should be fun. Let me know if there is any interest in following the build and if I should post pictures of the...
  2. dirtdigger

    Whats with all the PMing?

    As the title says seems everybody is only PMing each other. Same people day after day. This is a forum to help other members if its cb750 or even motorcycle related lets do the posting in the forums and maybe help another person out. I only see a very select few people that are contributing to...
  3. dirtdigger

    Ken at Cycle X in accident

    This was on Cycle X facebook page. Keep Ken in your thoughts and prayers if thats your thing. Ken has contributed so much the Honda cb750 community, hoping for a speedy recovery. Hey Everyone, Just to keep everyone aware, Ken was in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Someone pulled into his...
  4. dirtdigger

    RIP Nicky Hayden

    RIP, enjoyed watching you make Hondas fast.
  5. dirtdigger

    For Sale - RC Engineering extended swing arm SOLD

    Have a RC Engineering extended swingarm for drum brake setup. Multiple positions for the axle. Little rusty but sand blast and paint or powder coat and it would look good. I'll get some pictures up tonight. $200 plus shipping
  6. dirtdigger

    For Sale - Keihin CR33 carbs

    Used CR33 carbs currently on my drag bike. Will sell if there is interest. $500 plus shipping.
  7. dirtdigger

    For Sale - Unknown grind for CB750

    Cam came in a bigger bore motor I bought for parts. In pretty good shape, not a huge cam. Only marking is "special grind" Dont know what it is and dont have time to try and measure specs. Give me $50 plus shipping its yours.
  8. dirtdigger

    For Sale - Mega cycle 125-75 camshaft

    Mega Cycle 125-75 camshaft. Used only for couple miles then went with different camshaft. It was ground on a US made core. $100 you pay shipping.
  9. dirtdigger

    For Sale - RC Engineering heavy duty steel rods

    Set of RC Engineering steel rods. These are the reworked stock rods with bigger rod bolts and bushed small end. Look to be in good shape. $250 or offer.
  10. dirtdigger

    For Sale - 70mm pistons

    I believe these are RC pistons. Arias 70H on the underside. Has wrist pins and aluminum buttons. Will need rings. They are in very good shape just need cleaned and new rings. Make me an offer I cant refuse.
  11. dirtdigger

    For Sale - Alminum velocity stacks

    Try it again. Heavy aluminum velocity stacks for the roundtop 750 carbs, will not fit the keyholes. Little dirty but they look like they should clean up pretty good. Heavy aluminum held on by 3 set cheap hose clamp setup. $40 and they are yours you pay shipping...probably...
  12. dirtdigger

    For Sale - RC Engineeting angle drive distributor

    I have an RC Engineering angle drive distributor setup, looking to see if there is are any interested buyers if I sell it. It is on a running motor now, I upgraded it with mallory electronics inside so no more points but I do have the point plate if it is wanted. Needing the money as work is...
  13. dirtdigger

    For Sale - Alminum velocity stacks

    OK have a used set of heavy aluminum velocity stacks for roundtop carbs. These are the good ones held on by set screws. Dirty but look like they will clean up well. I dont know the brand. $50? or give me an offer, you never know I might take it. Plus shipping.
  14. dirtdigger

    For Sale - finned engine covers

    Have finned cover set for ignition, clutch and a finned piece that bolts onto the stator cover. Good shape and shiny. Will include allen head bolts for the ignition and clutch cover. Want $75 plus shipping. Giving you guys first dibs, will go on ebay if there is no interest here. Message me...
  15. dirtdigger

    For Sale - 750k model aluminum valve spring retainers

    Dont want to sell but needing some money. I will give you guys first go at these before ebaying them. I have three sets of anodized aluminum valve spring restainers. Fit cb750k model valves only, will not fit f2 style valves. I can not confirm that they are RC Engineering but the only ones I...
  16. dirtdigger

    750 stroker motor

    Stroker motor from PA showed up yesterday with big thanks to K2750tracy for getting the stuff and shipping it to me. Big kuddos to his shipping job in a wooden crate! Never gotten a motor shipped to me packed this well. Now on to the goods. F2 based motor, has a 74mm stroked crank, which I...
  17. dirtdigger

    Sturgis 2015

    Anyone planning on coming up to Sturgis this year? This is the 75th anniversary year...expecting over 1 million people and a 2 week event. If you dont know about the Sturgis ralley take a minute and visit Yes it is highly HD dominated but I see more...
  18. dirtdigger

    750 drag bike in progress

    I am going to do a build thread on the drag bikes I bought this fall. I have two stock frame drag bikes built in the 80's but basically it is the way they did it in the 70's. Stock frames with extended swing arms and struts and wheelie bars. Plan is to have them going by this spring and...
  19. dirtdigger

    Finally hit the 750 lottery

    I finally got lucky and came across a tuckload of drag racing bikes and parts. The guy is getting out of racing and is selling his complete inventory or bikes and parts. Going next week to pick it all up. Will post pictures when I get it and start to sort through the parts. 5 chassis, 4...
  20. dirtdigger

    Sturgis 2013

    Well Sturgis is about a week away and I am already hearing bikes and the vender setup is in full swing. Just curious if anyone is planning on being out this way this year.
  21. dirtdigger

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys or Happy Holidays whichever you prefer!
  22. dirtdigger

    Chopper build off

    Well the Chopper build off on Discovery is on in 3 days, who's watching, who you pulling for? You may not like the man but I have always loved Jessie James's style and his attention to detail. I really wish they would bring back the original Biker Build Off series.
  23. dirtdigger

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving guys
  24. dirtdigger

    I think I see a new motor build coming....

    I just made a deal on some RC parts and bottom end. Will get some pictures once I have the parts in hand. Didn't really need to spend the money right now but couldn't pass it up. Might build a new motor for the hardtail so I will do a build thread once I get parts rounded up and find some...
  25. dirtdigger

    Cycle X race team

    Some of you may or may not know but Cycle X has a vintage road race bike that they have been running with what I would call a great success. I know you know more about it than I do Travis:thumbsup:. you think there is anyway you or the guys from Cycle X could post the race...
  26. dirtdigger

    I love ebay!

    Just bought set of RC golden rods on ebay!! Pictures when I get them. Dont't know what I am going to do with them but I got em! Time to think about a new engine build?!
  27. dirtdigger


    I know its still early in the year, just wondering if anyone is going to Sturgis this year. I live about 10 minutes from Sturgis so if anyone needs any info or anything about the ralley let me know. Its not just a Harley ralley anymore, there are getting to be more and more non harley custom...
  28. dirtdigger

    My 750 hardtail

    First post on this site so thought I would share the latest bike I built. I built frame from scratch. 836cc motor. Rear wheel and brake from a CBR900RR. Was well received from people at Sturgis this last year so I am pretty happy with it. Currently building a new 836 motor for the bike.