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    Cb750 Nighthawk RC42 Con-Rod Length

    Hello all, Can anyone help me out? I’m looking for the con rod lengths of the Rc42 engine. Mine was taken from a 1995 CB750. I don’t have the engine to hand so was helping someone has got one in pieces or knows the length from a previous build. Thanks
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    Programmable Ignition System

    Hello all, I thought I’d post this here as well as there is not so much traffic on the 84+ sub forum. I’m looking for a mappable ecu and relevant hardware for my RC17/RC42 hybrid bike build to control the ignition timing. If any of you all can help, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks Kristian
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    Programmable ignition system

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a system that can be used for the later Honda CB engines I’m looking for a mappable ECU and relevant hardware to control ignition timing. Cheers Kristian
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    New Member - CBX750 Project

    Hello, My Name is Kristian from the UK. I picked up a CBX750 back in October 2020 and now have a full on project on my hands! Plan is to build a 80's "GP Bike" with some modern touches... Anyway, enough with the writing. Here are some pictures... So far the current spec list is: CBX750F...