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    Help!! I screwed up

    Thanks is an update. Ive got the bike running really, really good. Replaced all the little o rings on the pilot jets, backed them all out about 2 1/4 and like I said...runs really good! Last thing I want to get right is the way it starts. It takes about 8 -10 pushes on the...
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    starts hard

    Ive seen other posts about cb 750s ( 1979-1982 ) having trouble starting. I have the same problem. Takes 10 -12 pushes on the starter button before it starts up. Its a 1982 with 4000 miles on her. The carbs have been cleaned, I replaced the pilot jet o-rings and increased the slow jet to the...
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    Help!! I screwed up

    99.9 stock
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    Help!! I screwed up

    thanks....its about a 9 1/2 out of a 10. wont be selling her soon!!
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    Airbox-Carb Boot Installation

    Ive taken my carbs off twice this year and yes it is a pain in the ass getting the boots back on. Angled boots go on carb 1 and 4, and as previous reply said push the boot almost all the way into the airbox for easy removal and easier???instillation. I believe each boot has a flat spot to help...
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    Help!! I screwed up

    Hello..I recently picked up a 82 750 F with only 4000 miles on her which had sat for the past 20 years. I bought one new back in 1979 when I was 21! It is immaculate, rust free and with about 10 hours of cleaning looks perfect. My problem...It ran really good but was extremely hard to get...