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    Damaged Piston?

    Just file it down and you will be fine.
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    In search of Grandpa's '73 CB750

    Good luck. my first big bike was a 1973 CB750. I wish I still had it.
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    First build help

    Check this link out
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    What is the difference? CB750K vs CB750F

    I had a 1973 CB750 and put on 67,000 miles with no problems. Then I had a 1982 Goldwing and put on about 60,000 km again no problems. Next was a 1984 Goldwing only about 30,000 km but again no problems.
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    Wanted - 79 cb750k

    Where are you located?
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    77 starting problems

    I would check the points to see if they are opening and properly adjusted.
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    neutral and ill light

    It happens
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    Wheel size

    I have seen some 16 inch wheels on the rear.
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    neutral and ill light

    Check grounds and connections.
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    No power to ignition switch. Or anything else.

    Start at the battery. Are the terminals clean? How do the battery cables look? Check the condition of the battery cables and contacts at both ends of the main cables (battery x 2, starter solenoid and ground). Now check the main fuse and wiring to the ignition switch for power. Check that power...
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    First build help

    I would buy a Haynes and a Clymer manual. If you search online you may be able to find a Honda service manual as well.
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    Tips on replacement points and condenser for Honda cb750

    Is Dyna the only company that makes an electronic ignition for the CB750?