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  1. hondo

    Help! Mistery gunk on my rear tire

    Got some more for you hope this helps good luck.
  2. hondo

    Help! Mistery gunk on my rear tire

    Here’s a picture of my motorcycle air breather where the hose is located. maybe you can get a better idea where to find it or was missing?
  3. hondo

    New Memeber - CB750 Nighthawk (1991)

    Awesome looks identical to my 93 how many miles? I have approx 15,000
  4. hondo

    Help! Mistery gunk on my rear tire

    I have the same year & model bike. I think mostly it’s from air filter breather tube broke off, at the box on the bottom look up there and you’ll see it. A black rubber tube should sticking down vertical next to rear tire. Should expel to the road not to the tire. This is a safety issue I would...
  5. hondo

    1993 CB750 LED SIGNALS

    Hello Folks. What is the easiest way to wire the wye diode for led 1993 CB 750 ? I have two orange two blue and two green for ground. One wire is for running light and the other wire is for signal and the others for ground green. The 9 pin male connector orange & blue are the Indicator light...
  6. hondo

    1995 750 Nighthawk CB750 Exhaust Help

    My 1993 Nighthawk CB 750 upgraded to Vance & Hines with stage 1 jet kit. Cost about $400