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    1975 CB750 primary chains and tensioner question

    1975 CB750 basket case rebuild in progress (no idea how man miles on the engine, came with 2) (pic). Cracked the cases (first time doing so) and right away noticed the primary chain on the clutch side appears to have less tension than the inner chain (pic) - sounds like this may be normal after...
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    cylinder base gasket - gasket sealant?

    Finishing the upper motor rebuild on my 73 cb750 and am a little nervous about the final steps failing (i.e. gasket leaks). I have a KP gasket set and was wondering if I should use any type of gasket sealant on the cylinder base gasket? The online company I bought it from advertised it does not...
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    1973 Cb750 exhaust ideas?

    Anyone have suggestions for a new quiet muffler so I can get rid of this dangerous and ugly aftermarket piece? The exhaust from the head is 4 into 1 and is about 2.5 inch in diameter at the junction. Thanks.
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    73 CB750 front brake issues

    I just wanna ride!!! Still with front brake issues... I rebuilt the master cylinder and it appears to function with check valve working. I also rebuilt the brakes including new piston seals. The brake lines were not replaced but were cleaned out with wire and compressed air passes easily...
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    CB750 front fork seal direction?

    Replacing the front fork seals and can't figure out what side faces down into the fork. Both sides of the seal have compression springs and have flat surfaces. The OD also appears the same on both sides. One side does appear to have 2 ridges/lips internally and also has a larger external gap...
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    Front brake master cylinder piston replacement

    Rehabbing my newly acquired 1973 CB 750. Ordered a new front brake master cylinder rebuild kit for a 73 and the piston is too narrow. I believe the master cylinder on the bike is from a Goldwing based on the shape of the front of the brake lever? (the front brake was converted to 2 discs at some...
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    1974 CB 750 pricing help (new to forum)

    This is a very general question I am asking help with. I currently have a 75 CB550 and love the bike but am looking to move up in ccs. I have a non-op clean title 74 CB750 to purchase in mind. What I know- from current owner; 1) bike has been outside and uncovered for a least a couple years...