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    82 CB750 Brat Build from the UK

    Beer crates?? Can't believe how sturdy those things are! I like the creativity of the removal! Thanks for the video.
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    New Bike Owner with charging problem

    Maybe he needs to warm the bike up and set the idle?
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    '79 CB750F SS -- 4 into 2 exhaust fabrication

    Meant 1-4, 2-3 as you stated above. So the moisture will eat the headers even if I put 3 coats of VHT before wrapping? I stripped to bare metal, 3 coats of VHT, then wrapped.
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    Help: High idle can't even warm up

    HEHE, welcome angrymonkee!! It's hard not to giggle. But that's sort of how the bike is supposed to operate. Open the choke, and it revs high. .....sorry....but AMC is correct....Let it warm up...even if it idles at 5k. What are you worried about? Nothing is knocking or banging. Besides...
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    Exhaust collar install 1982 dohc cb750

    it's those split washers that are your problem. When they are in original condition they can be all mangled up and just make installation a nightmare. Take a wire wheel to them. Also you can soak them in CLR (Calcium, Lime Rust) solvent. Works great. Best option would be have them soda...
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    New member introduction, new projects (1980/81 CB750k CB900c)

    Welcome to the forum!! Nice projects! Those 900 cams from what I heard are a drop in replacement in the 750 of the same year range. The 900 will likely be heavier. Does it have that 10 speed transmission? If so, then it's definitely a heavy cruiser. The 750 screams and has great power to...
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    '79 CB750F SS -- 4 into 2 exhaust fabrication

    Your rendering looks doable. If you can get those Y pipes and collect 1-3 and 2-4, that would be cool. You will have to have your bike jetted as the stock air box is no longer usable. Also make sure your "battery box" needed to relocate the battery, reg/rect and solenoid are clear of the...
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    Bad carb leak after disassembling

    I have a small set of hex keys that allow me to remove any bowl with the carbs still installed in the bike. Also stock air box. You need a pretty low seat or sit on a cylinder block. You'll need to a line of sight to get the hex key seated in the head of the bolts to loosen them, but it's...
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    '79 CB750F Super Sport -- Carburator Rebuild Kit

    You are likely paying for the quality of the rubber in that kit. I do like how they disclose the information regarding the material quality and recommend reusing jets. Thanks for looking into that AMC! The upfront cost of that kit is pricey. 4into1 has any small parts you'll need. My...
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    RPM increase while shifting

    Thanks again AMC! The front cable was tight as all heck. Much better now. Just wanted to add...My cables weren't lubricated neither. After adjusting the cable and lubricating, the throttle now snaps shut when I let off it. Much better
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    New Bike Owner with charging problem

    Don't scare him with valve clearances just yet :D Remove the right hand side cover housing the alternator. 3x 8mm hex bolts. Clean the rotor with brake clean and dry. using a multimeter, check the resistance between the two copper ring faces. You'll have to google the spec, but it's...
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    '79 CB750F Super Sport -- Carburator Rebuild Kit

    Follow this write up and you'll be a pro.... Do your best on ebay to score an affordable rebuild kit with as many small parts and gaskets. Don't be cheap and go for the $5 rebuild kit. You'll be upset. Get yourself a decent...
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    Exhaust Valve Leak After Top End Rebuild

    I had the same issue. It was explained to me that the slack in the cam chains after 40 years tolerance stacks. It was recommended that I split the difference with an emphasis towards advance instead of retarded. Split the difference of the misalignment with the marks going more toward the...
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    RPM increase while shifting

    Thanks! I adjust and see how what happens.
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    RPM increase while shifting

    OK, so the front cable pulls the butterflies open, and the rear cable closes it correct? If that's correct, then I should be increasing the slack in the front cable.