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    630 oring chain lube

    Hello 750 sohc fans I am hoping everyone checks this out. I just installed chain and sprockets on my 78 Honda cb750k model and noticed what a mess the 80 weight gear oil makes on rear wheel, but was glad that the oil penetrated into the chain and left a film of oil on sprockets. Someone had...
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    Tips on replacement points and condenser for Honda cb750

    Thanks for the reply, there are others but the one most often from the road track racers are from DYNA because they are heard of all over the world with great reviews. Check out their website and you will find out more. I remember DYNA in 1977 when I had my 750k, could not afford one then...
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    Tips on replacement points and condenser for Honda cb750

    This post is important for owners that are not getting the best performance for their cb750. And the ignition system is a make or break system that will shorten engine life and increased parts and labor. One thing for sure is the replacement points and condenser for these older classics are or...
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    New improvement fix on leaky float seats on Honda cb750k

    Hello fellow cb750 fans. I posted a thread to this approach a while back that addressed the issue of debris in float seats in carbs on most float type carbs. But I think this would apply on all fuel system With fuel injection you have no float, but still need to be aware that loose particles...
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    a tip on blowing main fuse on 1977-78 Honda cb750k

    A while back my Honda 750 stranded me about a mile from my house. So the first thing I did was try to determine if I had a Elec. problem or a mechanical, and it had a blown main 15 amp fuse on the main harness. I must had done everything I could and started to buy a main wiring harness when I...
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    great motor oil comeback for the Honda cb750 SOHC and DOHC

    The other day I needed to change my oil for my 1978 Honda cb750k. So I headed to the local Walmart to get some Castrol GTX 20-50w, when taking my quarts of oil I noticed that ist had a new label that stated it was Castrol vintage 20-50w with added zinc for less friction. I ran this grade in...
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    keeps blowing main fuse

    This is the same problem I had about a year ago. I have a 1978 Honda cb750k and it blew the main 15 amp fuse and I put a new one in and it blew. After tracing and cleaning all connectors on main wire harness I happened to unplugged the Horn and left it out and installed a new fuse and it did...
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    clutch spring question

    this is a real good topic! But the real problem on 750 clutches are heat and operating in hot climates really take a lot out of these clutches. And what the main problem is the springs happen to loose their tension and begin to loose tension at different levels of weakness, meaning they are of...
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    Easy idle mixture circuits clean.

    re easy idle mixture circuits clean This idea is a real hit for you, your confidence and qualifications on this carb model is quite remarkable. Knowledge means a lot on these carbs. I have had to learn these carbs also. I found that installing a inline fuel filter means a lot for these...
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    78k overflowing out of #1 carb

    78 k overflow I hope I did not confuse you, but this was done with the whole carb assy assembled on engine
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    78k overflowing out of #1 carb

    I have an idea that seemed to work on my 78k I was able to take the float bowl off while #1 carb being mounted with short phillip screw driver. I pushed out float pin and removed the float and needle valve and sprayed up into the float seat on carb with carb and choke cleaner which will remove...
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    1977 and 1978 Honda cb750 sohc carb accelerator pump o ring mounted on #2 carb bowl

    From what I have heard others say about these o rings being hard to locate. I experienced the same on my 1978 cb750k. I have a o ring kit that had the right one, it is a 008 part no. with a inside dia. of 3/16 and outside dia. 5/16 What usually happens is these o rings either fall out of #2...
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    K7 exhaust wanted

    I meant to tell your that these are new replacement exhaust, but I heard they are better than original. I made a mistake and said #2 on your bike I meant #1 which is top on left side. I would also send you a pic of my new pipes but they are still packaged and wrapped is a sort of cloth wrap...
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    K7 exhaust wanted

    Hi Sage 10 I am a new member to this Forum and have found it quite useful. And yes there is a way to replace to find #2 cylinder replacement exhaust with silencer. If you haven't heard about the side based in the UK, it is called David Silverspaires a very unique original parts source that...
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    For Sale - 77 and 78 Honda 750k side cover emblem

    I probably need to redirect this thread to be I will repair your emblem if you send it to me with side cover , customer would get a complete side cover that will have a emblem with pins that wont break and the emblem would transfer to another side cover if needed. I could still repair it if...