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    For Sale - For Sale - 1973 CB500

    Thanks, like this bike much happier with my 750. Bike was put together as a dealer custom semi-chopper build. I got rid of the back rest, changed the bars to stock dimensions, put the forks back to stock length with new gators, seals, etc. Did not know about the fork rings just purchased a...
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    For Sale - For Sale - 1973 CB500

    Garage find survivor. 5,700 miles. All original. Been stored inside since about 1987. Current registration, clean title in my name. Overall very good condition. Chrome shows some minor pitting, no rust. Top of tank looks as if cardboard boxes were stored on it. Purchased and working on...
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    750 Fork Trim Rings

    Purchased a new set of trim rings for my '76. Not sure how they install. Know the fork tubes have to be removed. Measuring OD of gators and ID of rings with calipers does not seem like they will work. Just a tight fit?
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    Rebound Springs

    Just finished removing 4 inch extended forks from a '76 750. Put everything back to stock dimensions, new gators, seals, etc. Now bottoms out on extension when forks unload. Manual shows 1 inch rebound springs although not very clear where they get installed. On line explode views look the...
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    Anyone have experience with Yamiya body sets? Thinking about buying tank/side covers. Sent some inquiries about fit and finish replies from Japan not very clear. Are they and exact fit not requiring any modifications to fuel valve, side cover grommets, etc?
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    Rare Find

    I moved the kick starter one tooth forward. It had been moved rearward a few times without swinging it into kick position scuffing the side case which fortunately rubbed out. Doubt I will make the same mistake moved it to be safe. Ignition switch was mounted on the bar center bolts just...
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    Rare Find

    Just picked up this low mileage '76. Removed the rack/backrest. Changing the bars to stock dimensions. Want to also put forks back to stock length. I believe requires shorter fork tubes and springs, previous owner told me only a matter of changing springs. Suggestions? Also need to replace...
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    Control harnesses

    Thanks, I am hoping to use original harnesses as is since overall this bike is in unusual original condition right down to factory yellow paint on torqued bolts. I'll post some pics when I finish the bars
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    Control harnesses

    Just now getting into the Honda 750's. Purchasing a pristine 1976 from original owner with 2,673 miles. Bike came from the dealer with pull back handlebars I want to replace with original style. I have owned Kaw Z1's for years, bars simple to change as control harnesses are strapped...