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    Clutch and lack of oil

    had no oil in the clutch when cover has been removed, clutch plates were found to be stuck together,due to lack of oil. have pulled hte cklutch apart again and cleaning for reassembly. going to be checking all lines to assure no clogs (oil pump seems ok) Note purchased two parts bikes same...
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    Need to know check out his link it might have the info you need
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    Winter Storage

    same here, fill tank with sta-bll run the bike for a little while to get the treated gas into the system. Then shut off gas and run the bike (Carbs) to they are fully drained (using the choke at the end to assure no gas remaining). using this method I have never had a problem. don't worry...
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    value of totally rebuilt 1978 cb750f???

    i have learned the hard way never buy a bike without a tittle unless you are going to part it out.
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    Identification needed

    check this link out should have all the info you will ever need hope it helps
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    Welcome Back - September 2021 - CB750 Supply Giveaway Going on Now - Enter to Win Free $

    it's been a while and i think we all have been waiting for a chance to win. Good luck to everyone and thanks again
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    Clutch and lack of oil

    Thank you for getting back to me, i wish i had checked this out before pulling the clutch apart again.
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    Clutch and lack of oil

    Good morning, on my 72 had to replace the clutch a couple years back and had no problem, everything worked fine bike has sat for a while started it off and on but not riding it, noticed my clutch was not working correctly and decided to investigate. I pulled the cover off and noticed little...
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    Spring Has Sprung - Get your bike back on the road-Free Parts? Enter now....

    I am in - baby needs some updating
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    February 2019 Giveaway - Starts Now - Want free money for parts? Enter....

    Count me in, the old girl needs some new parts
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    Looking for CLutch pressure plate

    Thanks for all the info, and yes I will be especially careful putting it back together, Have read all the horror stories about the clutch pressure plate breaking multiple times on people.