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    CB750C Carb 2 leaking fuel, entire bike runs only on choke

    Having sat, depends on if the gas was left in or carbs dried out... A full carb clean is the only way, check the seating of all the rubber sections.. Check out #motorcyclemd Cody is a master Honda Bike mechanic, he has plenty of video on similar things. I took my other bike to a shop, for...
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    pinstripe removal

    Use some heat from a hairdryer, pull the pin stripe back slowly with general pressure. Check out. #windyurtnowski He paints bikes tanks, puts pinstripes under clear ect...
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    Love your bike a great example, I detail bikes paint, plus apply ceramic Si02 coating on my own...

    Love your bike a great example, I detail bikes paint, plus apply ceramic Si02 coating on my own bikes. 🇬🇧
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    Let's see your CB750

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    Winter Storage

    The oil during the winter is not the issue, the fuel in the tank and carbs is, I start mine up every two weeks to optimum temp. Some people drain the float bowls..🇬🇧
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    Trying to determine the right CB for me

    Key is to ride it, see if you like it, sometimes what you think you want is not always the same thing. Make a check list of thing to look for, plus see the bike, rather than pay any money for something someone does not own or the right to sell it... Basic condition, look at any service...
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    Machine Polishing Paint.

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    Machine Polishing Paint.

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    Machine Polishing Paint.

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    Machine Polishing Paint.

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    How do I buff a urethane clear coat?

    Yes give it time to gas out, 2000 is too harsh, try wet sand 3000 then,machine polish with Meguiar's 105/205 ect or Menzerna. Just take your time, some of this can be done by hand.
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    Machine Polishing Paint.

    You can buy a cheap polishing machine, a spindle type. A Guild is about £40 a Das6pro+ £130. Getting scratches out of paint is a two stage process, to remove those swirled scratches. The second part to refine those result to get blemish free clear. Paint on bikes plus clear coat is thin...