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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    I'm not entirely sure to be honest. Here are the specs for it though
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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    Do you know if they make them for 91-03?
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    1995 750 Nighthawk CB750 Exhaust Help

    I have been searching for days to find an aftermarket exhaust that will work with my bike. The only one I can find is on but there is nothing on Ebay other than stock replacements and same thing with Delkevic. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    01 night hawk

    I can't find anything for mine I have a 1995 Nighthawk and the only one I see is on and they are out of stock
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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    I can't find a Delkevic that's specific to my bike for whatever reason
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    exhaust suggestions

    I've looked into those as well but I can't find any fitments for the 95 Nighthawk 750. The only one I was able to find that is bike specific is the Mac Performance exhaust
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    exhaust suggestions

    Do they have any that fit the 95 Nighthawk though? It looks like most fit the CBR
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    1995 CB750 Wont Start

    Try replacing the battery first. I just had a fuel filter issue with my CB750 Nighthawk (95) so I would also check to make sure it isn't "starving" for fuel.
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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    I recently bought a 1995 CB750 Nighthawk 750 and I have been trying to research a better exhaust system. Most of the 4 into 1 that I have seen are for the 750K,L,F, or SC. Does anybody have a 91-03 that found a good exhaust? Please let me know as this is one of the first steps I need to make...